Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week 37, 9-4-2016

Thoughts and Quotes: Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower. 
                                                                                    Albert Camus

I know that September 22 is officially the first day of autumn, but on the Patsy calendar, autumn starts on the first day of September. Autumn is my favorite season. I remember walking to grade school, swishing through the fallen leaves, my eyes searching for the ones that were still unspoiled by crispy brown edges. I couldn't resist collecting a few to take along. And I still can't.

My son was born October 8 and back then fall came earlier. The old trees which lined the hospital street were in full glory - brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows. Maybe that's another reason I love autumn, relating it to his birth.

I suspect there are others who can't wait for the delights of autumn and join me in my eagerness to get started. So HAPPY FALL, Y'ALL!!!

Since my wreath has been changed, I know it's official.

Tasting: I admit my defeat. I am a failure at Earthquake Cakes. I tried a lemon one, and it didn't overflow, but in my eagerness to make sure the top didn't get too brown, I burned the bottom. I surrender - no more Earthquake Cakes.

 This one became a trifle.

I also tried a new chicken recipe which was purported to be absolutely THE BEST. Sorry, but I don't agree, though as advertised, it was easy to make. Just 1 cup of mayonnaise mixed with 1/4 cup shredded Parmesan, salt, pepper, garlic powder (optional). Spread over chicken breasts and bake 45-55 minutes at 350 degrees. Edible, but not memorable.

But it does look nice on the plate. I served it with salad, right in the middle of my big messy table, because Joey and I were back to card making.

Time for Others: Yes, we were back to cards this week. What I show are samples. There are more than one of some of the cards. I've made 23 total, and I think Joey made 10. I'm finished. I know some of my friends read my blog, but since most are my age (or almost), I assume their recall efforts are as weak as mine, and if they get one in the mail, they'll have forgotten they saw it here first.

Some more Joey cards

More Patsy cards

More cardmaking coming up, but autumn cards.  We're tired of Halloween. Can't wait to try out some new dies which cut leaves which look like skeleton leaves.

My room is back to normal, but it took most of a day to get everything put away.

Thrifting: Yes, again. I was so close to the Nixa store when I went to the market, I just had to drop in. Well, it was senior day. And even better, that day was 40% off on crafts. So I got these for $2.40 per container. This is part of a set, with the additional flower and butterfly.

I think this one might be missing some pieces, but the grapes and stem with leaves were extra.

This one seems complete, with the addition of the bee. Joey thinks she remembers these having a companion set of overlay stamps. They'll probably work okay as is.

I've been calling the resident kitty "Lucky", when she is actually "Baby". I found her back with the shoes, sleeping under the try-on bench in a basket of shoe laces.

Some nice finds. Rings and napkins for $1.60 total. The rings are plastic, but I'm a plastic sort of girl, and I wanted the napkins which are the smaller size.

This cute little teapot was $1.20. The quality seemed really nice, so I looked on the bottom and it said "Chantal". I looked it up on the internet and they still sell them. They don't make the green anymore. It comes in three sizes, and this is the small one, selling for $15.

I also bought a set of wooden salt and pepper shakers so I can put a set at each end of the table. Wood works well for autumn. They were 20 cents each.

Tip: If you use rubber stamps for crafting, Michaels has a bin with rubber stamps for $1.50. I found most of these in the bin and even the sets of four were the same price.

Thank YouNephew Ron, very tech minded, bought a 3-D printer. I showed you some results in earlier posts, if you recall. He thought I might like a kitty who refrains from scratching his litter out all over creation the way Pepper (aka El Chapo) does, so he sent me this.

I can't begin to understand how a 3-D printer works, but the results are amazing. Ron said you get a program, just like cutting with a Criket or embroidering with a sewing machine. This creation was made in about twenty pieces and glued together. I love his little hands (paws), but can't begin to imagine how many hours it took from start to finish.

Just like Alice's Cheshire Cat, his smile and eyes glow in the dark. I've named him Chessy and he resides in my office -

Just opposite the orange hammered metal kitty my son made when he was four years old.

Pepper doesn't know what to make of him.

Maybe he thought that if he ignored him, he'd go away.

While we're on the subject of Pepper - 

The Pepper report: He's doing well. The doctor didn't know if the hair would grow back on his leg, but it's doing nicely. If only I could keep him from scratching his injury over his eye. When it starts to dry, it becomes itchy, and during the night, he scratches and we're back to square one. His right ear will always be deformed, a result of the scar tissue as the injury over his right eye heals.

He's a good little boy. He hasn't tried to get out, and he lets me pet him if I get down on the floor. He's a very funny guy. When I start from his head and get to half way down his back, his rear end goes up in the air - way up in the air - as if he has hydraulic lifts which are activated by the petting.

He watches TV sometimes.

And he's getting brave. He's completely relaxed here, only two feet away from where I was sitting on the couch in the family room.

Taking Care of our Health: In an effort to drink more water, I'm trying infusing. I found these great glasses at the Dollar Tree, which have a basket to hold the fruits, herbs, whatever.

You just fill the basket and it screws onto the lid, so the pieces don't float around in the water.

I use frozen fruit, add cold water, and the fruit helps to keep the water cool. This mixture from Wal-mart is nice. I like the pineapple taste best.

I found a chart which has suggested combinations of add-ins. You might want to save the web address, as it's loaded with great information about cooking. Click here and scroll down. I'm sorry to report that it's one of those websites which are slow loading due to the advertising, but I think the information is worth the wait.

Togs: I must get serious about dieting, as I'm running out of "C" clothes (which fit), and will need to start on my "B"s.  The "A"s are a distant memory.

Day 99

Day 100

Day 101

Day 102

Day 103


Day 105

My closets are becoming so organized, I feel there really is hope for an end to this. My new rule is: "If one comes in, one goes out". I could put unmatched pieces in an "overstock" area to use "just in case", but I think I have enough without looking for things to match the "just in case" pieces. I'm not colorblind - my camera distorts the colors at times.

Tidbits: Our National Days for next week:

Monday - Labor Day, but also Cheese Pizza Day, so pick one up and take it to the park for a picnic.

Tuesday - Read a Book Day and also Coffee Ice Cream Day. Why decide? We can do them simultaneously.

Wednesday - Beer Lover's Day and Salami Day. Sounds like a perfect combination.

Thursday - Ampersand Day so all your emails should have & instead of and.

Friday - Hug Your Boss Day. If you're retired, send your ex-boss a cyber hug. 

Saturday - TV Dinner Day. I can do that. Marie Callender's Turkey and Dressing is great.

Sunday - Patriot's Day of Remembrance and Granparents Day. When you see a serviceman/woman, tell them "Thank you" for keeping us safe from another 9/11. If you still have grandparents, remember them with a call or visit. They won't be here forever.







  1. Oh my, you have such wonderful ideas! I so enjoyed reading your post today. The kitties are adorable and trifle looks yummy, too! I wish I had thrift stores near me as I miss finding treasures. I wish a wonderful day, Pat xx

    1. Maybe you're lucky, Pat. I've found so many "treasures", I need a warehouse. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by all my "stuff", but can't pass up a bargain. There will probably be more next week.

  2. Hello, Patsy,
    You have shown many interesting photos. I enjoyed them all.By the way,are you trying to make me hungry?? Your chicken recipe looks sooo delicious and salad too!!!Your little teapot is so pretty.
    Have a good weekend!

  3. Hello, Patsy,
    You have shown many interesting photos. I enjoyed them all.By the way,are you trying to make me hungry?? Your chicken recipe looks sooo delicious and salad too!!!Your little teapot is so pretty.
    Have a good weekend!

    1. Actually, the chicken looked better than it tasted. A little rich for me. I like Ranch Chicken better and will post that recipe sometime.

  4. What a lovely post! I'm afraid I'm a 'cling on to summer' person although I eventually tune into Autumn/Fall and adore the bounty in the hedgerows and the colours in the trees. Good to read that Pepper is improving he sounds a wonderful character. I love his reaction to the 3D cat:)

    1. Pepper has made even more improvement. I have to get down on the floor to pet him. I haven't picked him up yet. He's not ready for that, but now as I'm petting him, he inches closer and closer until he's snuggled up against my leg. I feel he's done remarkably well for a kitty who had been feral all his life (of two years, I think) until two months ago.

  5. Hello dear Friend! Forgive me being so behind in catching up. I love seeing what you're up to & I adore all the Fall in this post!!! Yippee - it's here & it's the best!

    I love your cards! They're so adorable. And you found some excellent thrift store finds. I picked up some Michaels stamps too. Score!

    I had one of those infusing water bottles too. I accidentally broke mine & need to get another. They're awesome.

    So happy Pepper is doing so well!
    I'm off to read you your recent post. ;)

    1. I'd love to see some of your cards. Cardmakers feed off each other, I believe, and I always need inspiration. I even say I'm going to cheat and copy someone else's card, and then when I'm finished, my card looks nothing like the one I started to copy.

      Do you know about They'll even send you a real catalog on request. They have specials two or three times a week. When I first found them, I immediately checked my rewards points on my credit card and ordered the same amount in cardmaking goodies.

      Love to you and yours, P

  6. Carrie, I'm not Anonymous. My blog lost its mind and wouldn't let me delete the comment and I had to post it that way.

    Computers are wonderful, but sometimes they have a mind of their own.