Sunday, August 28, 2016

Week 36, 8-28-2016

Thoughts and Quotes:  Let food be thy medicine.  Hippocrates

I know he was right. We all know he was right. When I started this blog, one goal was to begin eating a more healthful diet. Then, as you know, my world went into a tailspin, and I lost my way.  I believe it's time to get back on track. First steps will be at the end of this post. I hope you'll join me.

Trips: Remember - trips are little one-day jaunts, as opposed to Travel, where you sleep in hotels.  Friend Carol sent me a link I want to share with everyone who lives in or is visiting the Ozarks in the next few weeks. The link is a list of all the Fall Festivals and there are a lot of them. Click HERE.

Tasting: I met Friend Katie Sue at F-D Grill, and had my same old tilapia and shrimp. As a matter of fact, we both had the very same thing, so only one photo. There's yummy rice pilaf under the fish and shrimp which doesn't show.  I just can't seem to order anything else when I go here.  Does everyone get stuck on one certain thing at a certain restaurant, or am I just boring? Don't answer. I feel that I'm an adventurous diner. I'll try anything, so long as it isn't raw meat or fish. I even like haggis, and no one I know likes haggis. I like to think that it's just a matter of knowing a good thing when I find it.

I needed Corelle plates for Pepper (that messy little boy), so I decided to stop on the way home for more -

Thrifting: I found four plates for only 50 cents each, and also:

A stencil for blind embossing with a price tag of $7.49; I paid 25 cents.

A VHS tape, unopened, original price $12.99, and I paid 50 cents

And my best find - I think it's a signed print of a watercolor. It's a local artist, and Katie Sue knew about him.  I didn't.  Paid $2. Much prettier in real life. I bought it for Katie Sue, as she loves birds, and she loves blue.

And I was still in the mood, so I went to the store in Nixa, where Lucky rules the roost. She was having a nice snooze outside the front door. I asked if I could take a photo, and without opening her eyes, the tip of her tail just barely moved up and down. I took that for a "yes".

Remember the peach teapot from last week? I found matching napkin rings for 20 cents each

A couple of new gift boxes for 40 cents each

Six sets for $1.80 each - really nice quality - not chipped, light reflection

Six bowls, just right for soup or salad for 20 cents each

This cute guy for $1.20 - I have plans for him, which you shall see later

And this sweet little scarf ring for 80 cents

An amazing difference between thrift store and flea market prices.

Tasting: I invited Friends Kathy, Joey, and Katie Sue for lunch on Friday. As you can see, I'm already in the mood for fall.

I served only Reuben sandwiches, which are really filling, potato chips, and pickles. If you've never made a Reuben and would like to know how, here we go:

Here's what you need - If you can't find Silver Floss Sauer Kraut, just be sure you get Bavarian Style sauer kraut.  I use baby Swiss cheese and rye bread without the seeds. Get the cheese and corned beef cut fresh (not the prepackaged stuff).

Butter one slice of bread and place it buttered side down on a cold griddle or skillet.

Then a layer of cheese

Next is the corned beef - don't skimp

Then the sauer kraut (be sure to squeeze the juice out first)

Drizzle with Thousand Island dressing

Another layer of cheese

Top with another slice of buttered bread and cook as you would a grilled cheese sandwich.


We had Cherry Chocolate Cake for dessert (recipe is on Week 2 in the archives). I put chopped maraschino cherries on top, which I might not do in the future, as they looked like red bell pepper or tomato.  Not very appetizing on a cake.

Time for Others: This get together was not about the food. It was to make Halloween cards.

Kathy's card

Joey's cards

Joey brought a pitcher of tea like she and Kathy drink (no caffeine), and I loved this pitcher she bought last week at a flea market, so she gave it to me. Doesn't it look just like the Kool Aid pitcher? What a friend!

Katie Sue was unable to come on Friday, but she came on Saturday and brought some cards she made last week.

If you have a craft room, be very grateful, because I don't and this is what my dining room looks like. And this is after I straightened it on Friday night.

Joey came back also, and I made more Rueben sandwiches and we ate right in the middle of this mess.  
Katie's cards

Joey's cards

Patsy's cards

If something seems familiar, these were my cards from prior years

And the mess is still in the dining room, so to be continued . . . 

Tidbits:  Update on Pepper.  He spent Friday and Saturday in the living room so he could be near us.  Not like the week before, when he hid under the bed when company was here.

He's still acting like El Chapo at times 

I brought him toys on Thursday

And he finally played with them sometime during the night on Saturday, and I found this on Sunday morning

Togs:  Will this ever end?
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  1. Halloween??? We have here still more summer than all the other time in this season (and Halloween isn't such a great tradition with us).
    Wow, all the pretty things, you've found! My absolute favorite ist the painting with the birds and the cute duck with ducklings.
    Never had a Reuben sandwich...but I would like to eat it together with you at a beautiful decorated table!
    I have still a VHS-recorder...
    I enjoy all your colorful clothing pieces.
    Have a nice weekend

    1. Oh, Mascha, you should see how Halloween has taken over here. There are already stores opening (just temporarily) for Halloween. There are so many costumes, you can be anyone you want for a day. The regular stores are starting to fill up with decorations, cards, costumes for kids (and even dogs), tons of candy to hand out as treats, paper plates and napkins for parties, you name it. Some people go all out and turn the front of their homes into haunted houses, with creepy music playing while the kids come and go. Depending on the weather, I'll have anywhere from 100-150 little goblins at my door on October 31. So cute. I'll try to get some photos to post this year.

  2. PS: my sandals are "Birkenstock", a pure relaxation for feets. Wear them since decades, but in this year they are in fashion - finally I'm up to date ;-)

    1. Thank you for that info. I have trouble finding shoes which fit. Maybe they're at Birkenstock, just waiting for me.

  3. So many lovely things in your post. I love the outfits you have put together and you had some woderful finds at the thrift store:)

    1. Too many wonderful finds, I fear, as I love anything for my dining table, and I have turned my three-car garage into a warehouse for books and tableware. My car barely fits. I'll need to live to 250 to read all my books and use all my dishes, etc.

  4. Glad to hear that your kitty is settling in. I should think it takes time for a re-housed cat to get used to a new environment, but he's young and there'll be progress day-by-day. I like the thought of the changing season to autumn in a way because of the fruit and veg harvest, but I'm happy that we're still enjoying some sunny days here in Yorkshire. I haven't been able to get out and about on my own yet, but it's uplifting to have the sunshine streaming through the windows first thing in the morning. The light brightens up my desk and laptop corner as I write. Once again your outfits look good. It's time to get out clothes suitable for the cooler days of autumn. Wishing you a good day and week ahead.

    1. Pepper loves being a house kitty. He hasn't even once tried to get out. He lets me pet him - actually, he loves it. He's so funny. I start at his head and when I get about half way down his back, his little rear end goes up in the air. And I mean way up in the air. I can only pet him if I get down on the floor at his level. He doesn't get on the furniture, and I don't think he's ready to be picked up yet. You're right, though, I'm just taking it day-by-day.

      I wish I could get out my clothes for cooler weather, but we're still having days reaching 90 degrees F. It will be warm into October here in the heart of the USA.

      So nice to see you back and seems you're recuperating nicely.

  5. Wow! You found some wonderful (and cheap!) items at the thrift store! After clearing my parents' home and purging my own this January, I have sworn off visiting the thrift stores now. I only go in if I'm looking for something specific. But it's fun to see what others are collecting ;)
    You sure have had some fun with the card making with your friends. What a great excuse to get together.

    1. Believe it or not, Wendy, I'm only going to the thrift stores because I'm looking for things. The problem is that all this other stuff jumps into my cart while I'm looking. No will power. Right now I'm looking for some coffee mugs with ducks or geese on them, a yellow teapot for the library teas, and pink glass French Swirl plates for my friend. By the time I find them, I'll probably be bankrupt. Big sale at Red Rack tomorrow. Uh-oh!

      The card making continues -

  6. We don't have reuben sandwiches over here very often. So I've only ever tasted one and I loved it. Now I know how to make my own! Thank you.

    1. Super easy. The solution to a good outcome is to cook them on medium heat so that they heat all the way through while they're browning. And putting the kraut and dressing in between the cheese so the bread doesn't get soggy. Try it. Easy-peasy.

  7. Oh my gosh, my husband just said this past week, "why don't we ever have Rueben's?" (because I don't like them!) But I will make them for him, and I can have a cheese sandwich. So thank you very much for this info. And thanks for commenting on my blog. I like your blog! I too am trying to eat healthier, and if not healthier, at least less. I've lost one pound this week. Better than gaining one, right? And I love your cards. One year I had a cookie exchange and I had everyone bring several copies of their recipe. We scrapped the recipes. I might have to do that again this year! Enjoyed this post.

    Cindy Bee

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments. My solution for non-Reuben eaters, is to grill a ham and cheese right along side the Reubens. By using the Bavarian style kraut, my Reubens don't have the "bite" some don't care for.

      Please tell me that you mean that you put the cookie recipes in a scrapbook. I only do cards, so I'm not too familiar with scrapbooking jargon. When I scrap a recipe, that means that I didn't like the result and threw it in the trash. #as per Earquake Cakes, as you will see on my 9-4 post.

  8. The table setting you created is so lovely! How I wish I could have been there for those delicious reuben sandwiches! And, I loved seeing your recent thrift finds. I hope you are enjoying this holiday weekend! Pat xx

    1. And I would have loving having you join us. If you're ever going to be near Nixa (Springfield, Branson), give me a heads up, and you can be our guest of honor at lunch. My email address is on this blogsite.

  9. I'm trying to eat healthier too, which means no carbs for me. But it's hard to stick with it when I blog hop and see chocolate cake and ruebens and stuff. I'd rather give up the diet than the blogs so I'll be back soon. I have to go to your older posts and found out about the mysterious Pepper. Thanks for stopping by Rivercrest Cottage recently.

    1. Friend Linda, who helped me rescue Pepper, is not eating sugar, flour, or potatoes. White is my favorite food group. So hard to give up carbs. When I do the Zone Diet, I can have only 99 grams of carbs a day: 27 at breakfast, 27 at lunch, 9 for afternoon snack, 27 for dinner, 9 for evening snack. I match these with 21 grams of protein for breakfast, 21 for lunch, 7 for afternoon snack, 21 for dinner, and 7 for evening snack. It means I'm basically eating protein, fruit, vegetables, and some dairy. On this diet I'm never hungry and lose weight if I walk 30 minutes per day five times a week. Don't know why I can't get back to it. Maybe just lazy? You don't look as if you need to lose weight, so you could have more carbs and more protein. You would be eating healthier, though, and feel great.

      And if you think blogs are bad for luring us away from eating right, take a look at Pinterest. Oh, dear!

  10. Hi Patsy! I had a good scroll back visit to your blog and enjoyed admiring your themed table gatherings, your clever outfits, and the beautiful cards you make...not to mention the yummy looking food you have been cooking! I have been eating dairy free and gluten free for several years now which seems to help the arthritis in my knees be less bothersome, but I have been stuck at the same weight for months. I haven't given up on losing though! At any rate I can imagine how good the food you have been making is :) Pepper is blessed that you rescued him and I hope he rewards you by being a good companion. I enjoyed seeing the art exhibit examples you shared, and marveled at the lifelike detail some of the artists produced. A brick bought in honor of your loved one is a lovely way to honor them. Thanks for stopping by to visit my last post! xx

  11. Love the inspiration my dear Friend! You make me:
    *want to do more thrift store shopping
    *want to get back to more of my papercrafting
    *want to get better on track with health as well

    So thanks for the inspiration as always! :) Hope you're having a blessed holiday weekend. Hello to Pepper! xoxo

    1. So happy you'll have some time for yourself with the kiddos back in school.

      More Halloween cards in the post I just published for Week 39, 9-4-2016. And a great cooking website.

      Hugs to you from Pepper and Patsy