Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 38, 9-11-2016

Thoughts and Quotes: Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  
                                                         George Santayana, Spanish Philosopher

May this Day of Remembrance teach us to learn from history.

The Same Old Same Old: This week's post will seem familiar because it's a repeat of last week. Same song, second verse. Friend Joey is just returning to card making, and Friend Kathy had a stroke which left her right hand slightly impaired. Joey is learning the new tools and Kathy needs to use her right hand more. So - 

Tasting: I promised Kathy ham and bean soup, but first I needed a ham bone. We combined lunch with card making. 

An everyday kind of table - this time in the breakfast area. Take note of the little coasters under the candles and flowers.

The coasters were a gift made by Friend Jeanne, and they're reversible.  Love them.

Everyday food. Ham, Cheesy Potatoes, Peas and Carrots, Grilled Pineapple Slices
 Easy-Peasy Coconut Pie
(The recipe for the Cheesy Potato Casserole is on week 13)

I hadn't made this pie in years, and find that now it's too sweet for my taste. Here's the original recipe, but next time I make it, I'll reduce the sugar to one cup.


3 eggs, beaten 
1-1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup buttermilk
1 stick butter, melted
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup flaked coconut
1 unbaked 9” pie shell

Put pie shell in pie pan and flute edges.

Mix all other ingredients by hand and pour into pie shell.

Bake 5 minutes at 425°.

Turn oven down to 325° and bake an additional 40-45 minutes.

Cool and top with whipped cream, if desired.

Note: Pie is very sweet. You might consider reducing the amount of sugar.

Time for Others: Friend Katie helped Kathy and she ended the day with three cards to take home. Joey made two, and Katie and I each were empty handed. We were so busy, I forgot to take photos of the cards. 

Katie brought along some cards she made from a card class at Scrapbook Generation in Springfield. They have very talented designers. These cards were designed from two sheets of paper.
The paper

The cards

Another card that Katie made

The store also has kits each month with everything you need to make five cards. Pick it up at the store or they'll ship. Cute cards for Halloween this month. Check them out here.

The next day I made two cards

I like the gate card, but the colors are off on the leaf card. And my dining room still looks like this. If you have a craft room, you are very blessed.

Thrifting: Of course, I had my thrifting fix. No Baby. Some kids were bothering her, so she fled to the office to hide out.

You'll see these again during the fall.  I paid 20 cents each for four.

Salad or dessert size, 40 cents each for four

I bought these, hoping they would match some cups and saucers I bought ages ago, but can't find them. I might have passed them on.  Oh, well. I can still work in these plates when we're only three.  Only 40 cents each - wish there had been four.

You already know that I'm collecting for a goose table. I just need three more coffee mugs.
These cute guys were only 80 cents each, and they're big.

 The packages of invitations were only 40 cents each and will come in handy for layering on cards

A small tile trivet to use for Mardi Gras - 20 cents

And one for 4th of July - also 20 cents

I bought only one top

And, as promised, I got rid of this one. 

Tips: If you're addicted to the goodies at Starbucks and want to make them yourself, go to and in the search window enter "Starbucks recipes". If you aren't a member of Pinterest, they will ask you to sign up. It's free,and I've not had any security issues using it. 

The Pepper Report: Here's a copy of his letter to his vet to bring you up to date.

Dear Dr. Hardy,

I just wanted to let you know how
I’m progressing. The hair on my
leg is coming along nicely.  I just
can’t stop scratching my wound

over my left eye, though.  Aunt 
Patsy makes me stop, so I do it
at night when she’s sleeping.

Sometimes my back legs are a little
wobbly for a few steps when I’ve
been lying down, but then I walk just
fine.  Sometimes I even run through
the house, and Aunt Patsy calls me
“Feisty Britches” and says that I act
like my tail’s on fire.

Aunt Patsy said that I might need more
shots, like Feline Leukemia and she
didn’t know what else. If I do need some
shots, even though I hate them, just
let us know.
                      Love, Pepper

Pepper has decided that petting is his new favorite thing. He doesn't get on the furniture, so I have to get down in the floor for our petting sessions. If I stop before he's through, he puts his paw under my leg to touch me, as if to say, "Wait - we're not through". Sometimes he inches his way over so that he's snuggled against my leg. Real progress, I believe, for a two-year-old feral kitty who'd never been touched by a human until two months ago.

Togs: Remember, I don't wear these in the order I show them, and some are just run to the market clothes. 
Day 106

Day 107, Same jacket, colors reversed

Day 108

Day 109

Day 110

Day 111

Day 112







  1. Oh wow what a busy post! I love you table setting and the coconut pie looks delicious, it is funny how our tastes change. Best wishes to you and your friends - have a lovely weekend xx

    1. I only post once a week, so lots to tell. However, this week has been a dud, so Sunday I'll have to dig up some memories to fill my post.

  2. That coconut pie sounds delicious. I love how organised you are with all your outfits, I never know what I want to wear from one day to the next, you have some lovely things to chose from too. Have a lovely weekend:)

  3. Even with much of the same - I love it all my Friend! I've been back to some scrapbooking & making cards too. Love this cozy crafty time of year!

    I love how you always set such a lovely fun table! Those coasters are so pretty & I love how you used them. ;)

    Love seeing Pepper getting snugglier. Blessings to you both. ;)

    1. This was an everyday table for a quick lunch. Just wait. Someday I'll get to the theme lunch tables. Looking forward to some time soon to work on them.

      I have to get on the floor to pet Pepper. Last night, he inched closer and closer and snuggled up with his head on my arm. Then all of a sudden he jumped up and slapped at me. I think he has a split personality, or maybe it's just the feral part of him showing up.

      Let's each plan a Christmas tea and then we can have Show and Tell on our blogs? Want to?

  4. You say there is cooler weather? Not here yet...on the coast it's still in the 90s by mid-day. Soon tho, we'll have a winter. I hope.

    Love the Thrifting finds. And the ceramic ducks.
    Oh and ham and bean of my favorites.

    Your blog is delightful. If you don't mind, I'm gonna add you to my reading list. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. I'd be honored to be added to your reading list.

      You'll see those ducks soon. I'm planning a duck and goose table.

  5. You have been very busy with your card making, some real nice ones there. Enjoyed your whole post, hope you've had a lovely weekend.


    1. Thank you, Diana, I am having a nice weekend. My class reunion was Saturday, and today I'm getting ready to work on this week's post. A rather uneventful week, so I'm scratching for things to include.