Sunday, July 31, 2016

Week 32, 7-31-2016

Thoughts and Quotes:  Every obstacle is a stepping stone to your success.
                                                                                                Author Unknown

I don't know whether it's true, but I've heard there's a Chinese saying that if you save a life, you're responsible for it.  With Linda's help, I saved Pepper, so now I feel he's mine to keep. Pepper's wounds were serious.  He's going to end up with a floppy ear and a strange-looking eye; but, the thing I'm most concerned about are his back legs.  The vet thinks he might have some neural damage which causes him to walk like he's very unsteady.  He might never be able to jump up on things like the bed or the couch.  Time will tell.  But no one wants a damaged kitty, so now he's mine.  He was in the hospital from July 2 until July 30.  Of course, he was handled by humans during that time, but he's still very skittish. I understand that some feral kitties never adjust to being a house kitty. I brought him home yesterday, and he's examined every part of my house - 2,800+ sq. ft. on one level, so he can get around.  He's eating well and uses his litter box (except for one accident so far), oops!  make that two, but at least he tinkled on the throw rug in the bathroom and not on the carpeting, and he had a long nap in my closet today.  With all the goings on at a vet's office, plus some boarded dogs who bark, he probably needed a good rest.  

Hence, my quote.  Another kitty wasn't in my plan - travel was in my plan, and finishing my books, and reading my accumulated books, and using up all my card supplies, and entertaining, and trying new recipes. So I've had to examine my philosophy and this is what I've discovered. All needs are met. Thoughts held in mind, produce after their kind. In the past, I've had what I thought were problems turn out to be exactly what I needed to accomplish my goals.  Looking back, what I thought were some of my biggest problems turned out to be some of my biggest blessings.  So - The Universe knows my goals; they're all in writing.  The Universe hasn't failed me yet.  I've had a wonderful, happy, healthy life so far, doing things I meant to do, seeing places I wanted to see, acquiring things I wanted to have as my own. So why would it all stop now over one little kitty who needs me?  Maybe he's the obstacle mentioned in the quote above.  So - now we'll see how this all works out. Say a little prayer for Pepper's legs, please.

I'm sorry I haven't much to show you this week, but I've been trying to run all my errands so that I can be home while Pepper adjusts. I've been on the couch this weekend, watching TV and reading, so that Pepper knows where I am. More of these long naps, and I'll be able to get busy in the coming week.

Time for Others:  Friend Katie and I had lunch and did our show and tell of Sketches 46 through 50.  Mine are on the right.

And a couple of Katie's other creations

Tablescapes: The end of the 2014 Tour of Tables

Opening Night at the Symphony

Garden Party

Dining on the Emerald Coast

Thrifting:  Remember the kitty named Lucky at my local thrift.  She has now decided that the checkout counter makes a nice place for a nap.

I found a few bargains:  Glass napkin rings for 20 cents each.

These smiling napkin rings - also 20 cents each

A strawberry pitcher for $1

And a woven ceramic basket made in Portugal for $1.65

Tidbits:  Ready for Pepper

You can see the two wounds on his forehead and his right front leg.  He almost looks as if he was run over by a lawn mower, but I can't imagine that he couldn't get out of he way, because they're so noisy he'd have to hear it coming.

But as you can see, he has a hearty appetite

Stay tuned

Togs:  Surprise, surprise!  Only one brown this week.

Day 64

Day 65

Day 66 Same Fuchsia Top

Day 67

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Day 69

Day 70







  1. I will certainly say a prayer for Pepper, hope all goes well with his readjustment. Love the cards and once again I was so impressed by your bargain finds.

    1. While you're at it, please pray for Patsy. Right now I feel as if I've given up my life. Pepper used his litter box the first morning and not since. I don't the answer. Usually this is automatic for kitties. And now my carpet shampooer is not working. Headed for the Bissell website right now. Thanks for your prayers.