Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week 31, July 24, 2016

Thoughts and Quotes:  I'm not sure who said it, but it went something like this, "Life is what happens while you're making other plans".

This is a perfect example of what's happened to me.  I haven't mentioned what I'm about to tell you because I wasn't sure how it would end.  You remember that my precious kitty Tiki went to Kitty Heaven in January and I swore I'd never have another kitty.  She was my one and only.  I disposed of everything which would remind me of my baby, and started making plans to travel in the fall.  I still cry for her every single day.  

However - On July 3, I took a feral kitty who had been injured to the vet, and he's still there. He's a black kitty like Tiki and about two years old.  He was born somewhere around my neighbor Martha's backyard and has been hanging out around there since he was born.  We started calling him Pepper.  We decided that he was a male because he didn't show up with a litter of kittens.  If I called him, sometimes he would slip under my back fence and I'd feed him.  Sometimes he'd just show up, and if I saw him I'd feed him.  Well, we didn't know if Pepper would survive, but the vet just started treating him as if he would.  He has two large injuries on his forehead and deep scratches on his front right leg.  The vet said that another cat couldn't have inflicted such deep scratches, and thought maybe a coyote.  The big yellow kitty I called Bomber disappeared the day we found Pepper injured, so I'm thinking more than one attacker.  Anyway, here is my newest purchase.

I took it to the hospital so that maybe he'll sleep in it and have something familiar when I bring him home.  He'll need more recuperation time.  Now that he's getting used to people, perhaps he'll be happy as a house kitty.  Maybe not.  He has to stay inside until he's over his trauma enough to be neutered, because if he does insist on going back outside, we might not be able to catch him again.  With feral kitties, you just don't know. He's going to have some permanent scars with a loss of hair, so I told him that he'll look like a washed-up boxer and his new name is Kid Pepper.  To be continued. . . . .

Thrifting: Still looking for the elusive yellow teapot for the library.  Remember the thrift store kitty? She was outside chewing on some grass, and then later she was hanging out in the check-out area begging pets.  She's sporting a new blingy collar and acting like she's the princess of the palace.

I found some really great bargains.  I can't believe I went all those years refusing to wear second-hand clothes.  Now that I've grown up and don't have to, I love shopping thrift stores and searching for bargains. I hit the jackpot.  It was two for the (low $3) price of one on clothes and senior day, too. I bought two jackets and six tops for $1.20 each. Such fun!  

I also found these happy candle holders for 40 cents each.

And six of these sweet little bread-and-butter or dessert plates for 40 cents each.

It was Christmas in July with brand new jewelry, total cost $7.20, less than the retail sticker price on the back of the pin.

What fun I'll have making cards with this stationery set that cost 80 cents.  The paper is two-sided, and the envelopes can easily be cut down to card size.

Temptations:  I know this is supposed to be a week of salads, but I just had to pick up Mexican food for one last splurge.  It came with tortilla chips and salsa also.  Burp!

Tasting - LOTS of Tasting:  While we're on the subject of food, I have lots more to show you. Remember the photo of the new place in Ozark I posted before?

Friend Katy and I had lunch there and what a delightful place and wonderful food.  The inside has an eclectic decor, with all sorts of mismatched things which make up an interesting whole.  And things I've never seen.  Like this hanging light.

There were fresh flowers on the coffee bar.

The place is rather dark - restful and comfortable.

I ordered the beef brisket and Katy had a vegetable pie.  Sorry about the blurred photo.

Iced tea or hot coffee comes with the meal.  We both had tea and we also got a bottle at our table for refills.

Katy ordered chocolate-berry creme brulee which I tasted and declared it divine.

This is Cafe L and you can find it on Facebook.  They're located just one block north of the Ozark square at 2nd and Brick - 209 North 2nd.  Phone 417-581-0477.  They're right next door to The Persimmon Tree.

They keep the door between them open, so you can also browse for unique home decor or gifts.  Cafe L is run by a mother and daughter with a chosen sister-aunt.  The Persimmon Tree is separately owned by a good friend.  A perfect combination.

The Cafe L team also does catering and arranges special events through their company The Frog Prince. Here's the mascot.

Seems we go to Ozark restaurants a lot.  Friend Joey's husband Robert took us to Rosie Jo's yesterday for lunch.  They're an Ozark institution and their secret ingredient is grease.

Robert had Frito Pie

Joey had a Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

And I had a Patty Melt

And here's the cake I didn't post on Bastille Day.  It's a new recipe I found on the website called Apple Pecan Cake with Caramel Glaze.  I'm not sure what I did wrong, but my cake didn't turn out like I wanted.  It seemed too fragile to try to remove it from the tube part of my pan.  It tested done at 50 minutes, but hadn't baked all the way through.  

It's rather labor intensive, so I'll probably just make the apple bread my friend's mom came up with and add the glaze from above (but only half the recipe).

Effie Cox

3 eggs
1 cup oil
2 cups sugar
2 cups peeled and grated apples
1 tsp vanilla
3 cups flour, sifted
1 tsp soda
1 tsp salt
1/3 tsp baking powder
3 tsps cinnamon (note)
1 cup chopped nuts

Heat oven to 325 degrees.

Generously grease and flour two loaf pans.

In a large bowl, beat eggs fluffy.

Add oil, sugar, apples, and vanilla.

Add dry ingredients (sifted) into egg mixture.  Blend well and then add nuts.

Pour into loaf pans and bake approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Remove immediately and cool on racks.

Freezes well.  Good with peanut butter and honey spread.

Note:  Yes, I know this is one tablespoon, but my tablespoon won’t fit into my spice jar.

And I actually did eat some salad this week, as I planned.  I made Taco Salad which lasted forever.  

And that wonderful Sweet Kale Salad which comes in a kit and you buy it at Sams.

And today I made Dana's Library Soup with pork instead of chicken. It worked. You can find the recipe on Week 3.

Tablescapes:  More from The Tour of Tables. 

Here's Summer Fun

Fall Harvest Time

Things That Grow:  Friday will mark six months since Brother Sonny had his fatal accident. I felt brave enough to go to the Botanical Garden to order a memorial brick in his name. The director, Lisa, was very compassionate, passed the tissue box, and we got through it. We followed Sonny's wishes and scattered his ashes over his property, so there's no headstone. Brother Jim and his wife Becky bought him a memorial brick in a Veteran's Monument in Kansas, but I wanted something here where Sonny was born and grew up.  I chose the White Garden which is very beautiful at this time of year.

The memorial walk goes through the center of the White Garden -

and ends at the Hosta Garden, another of my favorites.

Togs:  And the brown goes on and on . . . but next week we'll take a break from brown.

Day 57

Day 58

Day 59

Day 60 (Change jacket and necklace)

Day 61

Day 62

Day 63







P.S. To those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, the above suggestions do not apply.  Wear your mittens when you go out, and feel sorry for those of us who are having a heat wave.


  1. Hope all goes well with the kitty and that he manages to fit in with you. Some great bargains at the thrift store. I particularly loved the candle holders.

    1. My hope is that my friend who works with kitty rescue places can find him a good home. At my age, he could outlive me and there would be no one to take him. Or if he got sick and I outlived him, I'd have to go through the trauma I've had over losing Tiki.

      I'm just taking it one day at a time. This is a continuing story - just like a soap opera. I hope it will be less dramatic, however. I'd like a nice boring life for awhile.

  2. I've spent a good hour catching up with your news over the last few weeks. I too hope the kitten settles well in your home. Everything possible has been done to help it get better and ready for rehoming. I like all your outfits you've put together for the autumn season. It must be very hot there in Nixa. The Botanical Gardens look like a good place to find some shade. The different areas are lovely, but I like the White Garden with the memorial walk in the middle and I hope it was a comfort to have a memorial brick placed there in memory of your dear brother. You and your friends go to some interesting eating places with unusual decor. Cafe L next to The Persimmon Tree looks like a pleasant place to have an enjoyable lunch and then look around the shop. Wishing you a good week whatever you're doing Patsy. Stay cool!

    1. You brought me luck. I am staying cool - for the moment at least. It's pouring rain. Mother Nature is kicking up quite a fuss - lots of thunder and some lightning.

      I'm supposed to meet friend Katie for lunch (you must think we never eat at home), and then off to Branson for shopping at the Scrapbook store for her (we make cards, but don't scrapbook), and Bon Worth for black pants and navy pants for me (if they're in by now). I can't believe how many shades there are of navy. All my black pants have little snags where Tiki launched herself off my lap. I don't like those reminders so a few new black pants are order.

      Do you think I'll ever get back to my books - the ones I read and the ones I'm writing? I need to get my priorities straight.

      Do something really fun before Thursday. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  3. I'm glad to hear that it's cooled down and hope you managed to get out for lunch with your friend. Friendship is important so enjoy the company and shared interests. I'm sure there will be other times when you can get back to your reading and writing. We're looking after our grandson now that school has finished until the beginning of September. He's good company.
    Thank you for sending healing thoughts. I won't be able to write again for a while, but you'll be in my thoughts too.

  4. Hi Patsy! Love catching up with you! I hope that everything works out with the kitty. ;)

    I love seeing your thrifty finds, yummy meals out, tasty sounding recipes and the tablescapes you caught photos of that are so much fun.

    Prayers about your Brother Sweetie!! What beautiful gardens. I could sit there all day.

    And love the outfit combos. Work it Girl! ;) xoxo

  5. Two more days until I pick up Pepper. I have no idea how he's going to react to being a house kitty. He's been feral all his life.

    Been getting ready all week. Getting new tires today. I'm running all the errands I've had on my list, so that I can be home with him for a time before I leave him on his own.

    Will have a pretty boring post this week.

  6. Get well soon for Pepper! How good, that you found and help him. My cat was heavy injured from a razorblade, what someone (not know, who make such horrible things) make at the fence, where she get under... it was at Christmas day and there begun a very long and worrie time (since that was, I've ended celebrate Christmas). I think, he will stay with you, but outdoor-cats never will be indoor cats -
    Prayers for your brother.
    In Germany it is forbidden to scatter the ashes, my mom wish that too at an especially place, but we will can not do.

    To your question: the instrument must be a Kantele, similiar to a harp or Zither (they put the stringed instrument on the table to play). Balalaika have the Russians, not the Lithuans, I think. And today they make that all electric.

    Have a nice weekend

  7. Thank for your kind words and for educating me on stringed instruments. I know the zither, but have never heard of the kantele.

  8. Sorry you lost your brother. Love the idea of bricks to remember a loved one.

    1. Thankfully, the last words I said to him, as we were saying goodbye on the phone were, "I love you", and his final words to be were, "I love you, too". Now that's my standard sign-off most of the time, and not just to relatives, as I also love my friends. We don't always know when our time is up, do we?

      The brick isn't finished yet (I think they produce them in groups), but there will be a photo when it has been placed.