Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week 29, July 10, 2016

Thoughts and Quotes:  Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe be beautiful.        William Morris

I think these could qualify as keepers.  Friend Katie sent me a forward and I found the link. If you can have the patience for all the ads, these bonsai trees are worth the wait. Click here

William Morris was a textile designer, among other things, so I don't wonder that he was trying to promote beauty.

Thoughts and Quotes (again):  People continue to surprise, amaze, and delight me. 
                                                                                  Patsy in Nixa, Missouri
What if it had rained?  Oh, my.  Take a look.  

Tasting:  My week seemed to be built around food - good food.  The 4th of July was Chosen Brother Peter's birthday, so we went to lunch at F-D Grill. Then four of us came to my house and played Trivia all afternoon.  We had dinner at Applebee's.  Remember the pay-at-the-table gadget at Chile's which allows you to play games and then charges you without prior warning? Well, Applebee's has the same thing.

The next day I took some of the library ladies to lunch (including Dana of the famous Library Soup recipe).  Dana was the one who suggested Salvatore's in Ozark.  Everything is fresh and homemade.  We had an appetizer I'd never heard of called Arrancini - rice balls with a filling of mozzarella and deep fried with marinara dipping sauce.  So eager to eat them, I forgot the photo before we'd all helped ourselves.

Dana chose Gnocchi with Creamy Pesto

Pam had Cheese Ravioli with Creamy Marinara

Katy had a Caprese Panini

And I, the carnivore of the bunch, had Chicken Parmesan

We were also served homemade bread with herb butter

Those library ladies know everything.  They'll be pleased to see that the method they suggested for changing the color of my links so that you know where to click works perfectly.

On Friday, Chosen Niece Terri took her Mom Joey, her Aunt Kathy, and me to lunch and a day of fun.  The tea room she chose was an hour wait, so we headed back to Salvatore's. They loved it as much as I do.

Kathy had Chicken-Artichoke Fettuccine Alfredo 

Joey and Terri had Chicken Parmesan with mixed Alfredo and Marinara sauces

This time I chose Chicken Marsala with Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

Let's look at something else.  This is making me hungry.  After lunch we visited a fun store called The Persimmon Tree.  I could only find a Facebook link.  Such a fun store and there's a new bistro next door which opened that very day.  I don't even know the name, but I really like the way it feels there - very calm and restful - not what you'd expect from a bistro.

Time Waster:  I've been making gift sets and cards from wallpaper again.  This wallpaper made all of these things and I still have some left over:


More gift sets 

Tablescapes:  Here are more tables from the Tour of Tables.  I forgot to mention that after you tour the tables, you are served tea, finger sandwiches, and tea sweets.  How I miss these.  Note that, as this is the garden clubs, all the tables have fresh flowers.

This is Lunch with The King (a peanut butter sandwich, of course)

Peaceful Swan Lake

Sea Escape

More next week.

Tidbits:  My trust needed a change in the paperwork, so I visited my attorney in Ozark, and parked in the parking area was this police car from the adjoining city of Sparta.  Don't you love it?  Wonder how long it will be before someone raises a fuss.

Tactile No-no:  Watercolor USA is exhibited at the Springfield Art Museum right now.  I could take photos without a flash, but when we got too close to examine a wall hanging, the guard came to tell us "no touching".  Guess we got too close and set off his alarm.  We did not, however, touch it - period.  Read about the exhibit here.  

Here's the wall hanging on some sort of canvas tarp with grommets around the edge.

Oh, great!  More food.

I didn't think much of this until I saw the name.  Rock, Scissors, Paper.

One of my favorites.  It's called "Tying One On"

Is this the new insurance claim?  The title is "Lost in the Fire"

I liked this a lot, but it didn't get an award.

And this

Best of all

Loved the llamas

This is in the permanent collection.  Made of junk and LOTS of paint.

In the lobby you'll find "Warhol Uncanned"

Read about it here.

Then we left for Panera Bread to have tea and show and tell - our next five cards.  Katie on the left - Patsy on the right.  

Mine has rain boots to go with the inside.

Mine is all wallpaper except the solid red and solid white.

Mine is all wallpaper except the "Thanks".


I made this to thank my niece for the cute refrigerator magnet notepad.

And these are Katie's cards made with a wallpaper background.  Adorable.

Togs:  Had to do red, white, and blue for the 4th, than all brown again.

Day 43, July 4

Day 44, July 5

Day 45, July 6

Day 46, July 7

Day 47, July 8

Day 48, July 9

Day 49, July 10

And the brown continues next week.

Let's see how many National Days we can celebrate next week:

Monday, July 11 - National Blueberry Muffin Day OR National 7-Eleven Day (go get a Slurpy)

Tuesday, July 12 - National Pecan Pie Day OR National Eat Your Jello Day

Wednesday, July 13 - National French Fry Day OR National Beans 'N' Franks Day (how about both - they go together)

Thursday, July 14 - National Nude Day OR National Hot Dog Day (since we had beans 'N' franks yesterday, how about we skip this day unless you look better nude than I do, okay? Or since this is Bastille Day in France, let's eat cake. 

Friday, July 15 - National Tapioca Day

Saturday, July 16 -  National Corn Fritter Day OR National Toss Away the "Could have's" and "Should have's" Day

Sunday, July 17 - National Ice Cream Day


Thank you for sharing my life


  1. Patsy I am amazed at your use of wallpaper, such great gift sets and cards. Again I loved the tablescapes, my favourite was the seascape. Great tour of the artwork.

  2. You'll be seeing lots of wallpaper in the future. I have boxes full.

    I agree. The Sea Escape was one of the best, not only of the three I posted, but of the entire show.

  3. We once were in an art gallery in swanky Santa Fe. There was a painting of a message board that looked so much like it was just a message board that I put my hand up about 6 inches away to see if I could cast a shadow to see if it really was a painting and the owner of the gallery screamed at me not to touch it! I wasn't going to, just trying to cast a shadow, but he about passed out. They shouldn't let heathens like me in. ;-) Thanks for letting us tour the gallery safely from afar.

    1. The funniest thing I ever saw in a museum was in Sicily. They were rearranging the exhibits. One guy was working on a little shelf which had a big nail sticking up to fit inside a hole of a sculpture so that it wouldn't fall off the shelf. He noticed that the nail was either crooked or loose, so he picked up the sculpture, and using the bottom of it, hammered the nail back into place. Makes you wonder if they're really all that valuable, or actually originals.

      Made for a good laugh.