Sunday, May 1, 2016

Week 19, 5-1-2016

Tales, Tales, and more Tales:  First, I'd like to take you to the Greene County Library Book Sale.  

These are the Value Books (priced individually)

The $1 Books

The 50-cent Paperbacks

I was looking for some specific cookbooks, remember?  Now I'll tell you about them.  Back in the 1970's Southern Living published a collection called The Heritage Cookbooks; a total of seventeen plus an index.  They're out of print, so a book sale should be a likely place. Wrong.  I found only one, and here it is.

And this is why I love them -

They're full of interesting history, great photos and really good recipes.  I'm collecting a set for myself, one for Friend Joey, one for Chosen Niece Terri, and one for my Lil' Sis (sister-in-law) Becky.  I try to add one a month.

And then back to my Tales.  Remember, I started the big organization last week, and I spent most of this week finishing.  I went through ALL my books, so my files could be updated, and here they are:

The bedroom night stands

The Family Room

The Office Bookshelves

The Office Closet

The Garage Bookshelves - They're tucked in here, there, and everywhere.

The garage boxes - the ones with numbers are all books, forty boxes in all

This doesn't include my cookbooks

Plus the cookbooks in six boxes in the garage

And I forgot the two other boxes of books in the garage and the box of cookbooks in my bedroom closet.

I've made all the changes on my computer - 147 pages like this:

And now I need to print the new sheets, punch the holes and ta da!  Finished!  Grand total is 2,972 books, not including cook books, gardening books, and the leather bound president and classic books in the family room.

Then we start on Tunes.  All these records and tapes need to be converted to digital.  I didn't even show the CD's because they're easy.

And if you're thinking I might need an intervention, just wait until you see my dishes.  I won't start on Tunes for a bit.  We need to have some fun.  This post is even boring me.

Tasting:  To keep up my strength, Friend Joey brought me my very own cherry pie, which I ate all by myself, and consequently found four of the ten pounds I lost before.  It was worth it, and I'd do it again.  I'll try to get her recipe for you before Washington's birthday next year.

Thoughts and Quotes:  I still have my daily blubbering session because I miss my Kitty Tiki and my Brother Sonny.  I'm reading The Best of Stillmeadow by Gladys Taber (one of my all-time favorites), and she was thinking back on the loss of one of her favorite Cocker Spaniels, and this is what she said:

Whatever beautiful and precious we may have is always ours to keep.  Losing one we love is possible only if we let it be.  Death and disaster, separation and sorrow, seem sometimes so much larger than all else, but they are not.  Death really prevails only when we walk with him.

I'm trying my best to ignore or outpace Death.  It's not easy.


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  1. I don't think I have ever seen so many books on sale at a Library all at once, that was an impressive sale. WOW!!! You have an enormous collection of books, I would be in book heaven.

    1. Can you believe? That is the spring book sale. There will be another, just as huge, in the fall.

      I lived in CA most of my adult life. I was in Los Angeles County, lots of people, lots of library sales. I used to hit eight or ten book sales a year. I've been hauling these books around forever. But once I read a book, it's gone. The only books I've saved after reading are James Herriot and a book by the Delaney Sisters called "Having Our Say - the First 100 Years". Of course, my chosen niece Terri has all the Gladys Taber and Susan Branch books, so I can always borrow those back to read again.

      If I'm ever bored, it's my own fault. With the computer and my books, I can travel the world, right here at home.