Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week 23, May 29, 2016

Thoughts and Quotes
If you would plant for a day, plant flowers.
If you would plant for years, plant trees.
If you would plant for eternity, plant ideas.                        

Things That Grow:  Looks as if eternity will have to wait, because I stuck to my plan and worked in the yard.

Interesting things in my back yard this week.  First of all, these black birds kept coming each morning, and as if they'd formed a search party, they spread out and marched across the yard, each pausing at times to snatch a bite.  I don't know if they were eating seeds or bugs, but they seemed to have a plan which worked. 

Take note of the weeds growing behind my fence. I back up to a hay field and the weeds are a constant nuisance.  Also note the bushes which need to be pruned and the grape hyacinth remains which need to be trimmed.  I took this photo from my bedroom window and the roses had not yet bloomed.

Here we are a few days later.  I used my secret weapon to move things along (money).  I had my mowing guys here one day and Steg trimmed my bushes and the others helped with all kinds of things.  Take a look at the roses now, and the spiffy-looking bushes.  There are still some daffodil remains because I need to know where they're planted as I'm moving bulbs from my raised bed to the fence, and the weeds behind the fence have been chopped down.

More Things That Grow:  Turn your back one minute, and the turnips get this big.

Miscellaneous T:  Turtles migrate from our little lake and sometimes get under my gate. Then they can't find a way out, as the backyard is fenced all the way around.  I have to get a shovel and move them to Martha's backyard (not fenced), so they can be on their way. They just stay in their shells and wait to be airlifted.  They don't try to come out and jump off the shovel, but I often wonder what goes through their minds as they take a ride on that shovel.

And I routed out the cutest little toad while I was pulling weeds in the raised garden.  He was exactly the color of the soil.  I wanted a photo, but he hightailed it out of there when I went for the camera.

So - interesting T's in my backyard this week:  Turnips, Toads, and Turtles.

Things That Grow: In the Tanger Outlet Mall parking lot.  Joey and I both loved this plant, but we haven't a clue what it is.  My best answers come from the internet, so help!  Does anyone know what this is called?

And speaking of Tanger, we were returning a sweater Joey bought on the last trip, and we both bought more Togs.  No will power - not even a little smidgen - when it comes to a sale.

Time for Others:  I got rained out one day, so I made 4th of July cards.  For our cousins in other countries, that's our Independence Day - the day we flew out of the nest.  

I also made up packets for Katie's card class.  Ladies - they're already at Katie's, ready for pickup.

And I finished my five cards for the Katie-Patsy fixed layouts, but I stole one to use and had to make another.

Another Miscellaneous T: Things That Fly:  Artivities, the art studio on Commercial had a program this month called "Orange is the New Green".  The purpose is to call attention to the plight of the Monarch butterfly, whose numbers are declining each year due to diminishing habitats.  They're promoting the planting of milkweed seeds, the blossoms of which the Monarchs prefer for feeding.  I missed the fashion show, which highlighted the Monarchs, but Joey and I stopped by yesterday for the art exhibit and the paper Monarchs hanging from the ceiling.  

There were butterfly trees

And wall hangings

Even a ceramic butterfly bowl

If you're seeking an art class or want to learn how to use a potter's wheel, the web address is here.

Tips:  A quick one.  To cook bacon in the oven, start with a cold oven.  Put the bacon on a cookie sheet, put in the oven, turn to 400 degrees and put the timer on for 17 minutes.  It worked for me.

Togs:  As promised, they're the last item this week.  Remember, I don't always wear these on the day I take the photo.  I'd hardly want to wear white pants while working in the yard.  I will, however, only show clothes which fit me NOW.  This will be my motivation to take off some fat.  My summer uniform is white pants, black pants, navy pants, with an occasional beige or bright color thrown in.  And I wear only ankle length.  Too old to show these tired old legs. 

Day 1, May 23

Day 2, May 24

I wore this the day Katie and I went to the Textiles exhibit.  I told her that I felt like an impostor.  I wanted to say to people, "I've misplaced my yacht.  Have you seen my yacht anywhere?".

Day 3, May 25

Day 4, May 26 

Difficult to make out, but there are black beads.

Day 5, May 27

I wore this to Wal-mart to buy more mulch.  A good Wal-mart outfit, but not a good idea to wear white pants when loading bags of mulch.

Day 6, May 28

Wore this yesterday when Joey and I went to Neighbors Mill for lunch and forgot the foodie photos AGAIN.  What's the matter with me?

Day 7, May 29

Next week will be another short post.  Moving from Things That Grow to Tidying.  My house is long overdue.  I still need an hour a day in the yard to finish up, but mostly I'll be washing windows and cleaning carpets - things where you need to open the windows.  I want to finish before the summer heat arrives.  Then fun - fun - fun.  I can scarcely wait!








  1. Great outfits, I loved all the accessories they made a simple outfit into a stunning outfit. Take care.

    1. I love playing with colors. A friend once told me to quit complaining that I have no artistic ability because I can always paint with dishes (tablescapes) and clothes, and so I do.

  2. I am so glad that you visited my blog, as it prompted me to visit back. What a lot of interesting game T's! I particularly liked your togs. We have similar taste - with other without the yacht.
    The little book boat is a trading library. There is one every few blocks and people are very inventive with the structures and decoration. They have been around d for a few years and thus far there have been no problems with vandalism or people taking more than their share of books. You should get it going in your town!

    1. The typos are courtesy of Mr Auto Correct!