Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week 18, 4-24-2016

Taking a little blogging break because I'm. . . .

Tidying big time.  I keep my book inventory on the computer by Type (Mystery, Biography, Non-Fiction, etc), Author, Title, Time Period, Location, and When Read.  When I got a new computer, I couldn't figure out how to open the Access file I use for my books.  By the time I got someone to figure it out, I had read books, bought books, moved books, etc.  And I moved a lot of books because I was making room for all the dishes I was buying for my Tablescapes.  I've been working days to bring everything up to date.  I still have four more shelves in the office and five more shelves in the garage.  I hope to finish tonight, so I can make the changes on the computer and print out a new inventory tomorrow.  I dread seeing the number of unread books, as time is marching on and I'm on the downhill side of middle age. This is in addition to the 1,000+ on my e-reader.  I'll let you know.

Tales:  I have, however, been racing through the Coventry books.  I just finished this one.

and this one

and I don't want the series to end.  I've grown very fond of these ladies.

More Tales.  I went to the Clever Library Book Sale and only bought one book and one cookbook.  I didn't know that Jean Auel had written a sixth book and found it in paperback for a quarter.  And how I could I resist this?:

That cute little potato is actually a potato brush

Maybe I'll never make the recipes, but you have to admit that this is CUTE!

Tasting:  I didn't make one new recipe this week.  I did, however, deliver two more of those meals I mentioned last week, and I urge you to save those recipes.  They really come in handy when someone needs dinner.

A couple of Miscellaneous T's.  

Teaching and Learning:  I went to a Camera Essentials class on Saturday.  I'm taking a baby step from this - 

to this - 

I suspect that the teacher thinks I'm a hopeless case, because he told me, "Just put it on A when you're outside and P when you're inside.  You'll be fine".

And Thank You to Friend Joey who knew I was looking for jumbo muffin tins and bought this for me -

She even found the proper paper liners AND a little gadget to scoop out the inside for a filling.

And then today, she came with this -

She actually brought two pieces, but I ate one so quickly, I forgot to take a photo.  I asked her if she wanted one of the pieces and she said that she didn't because she had some at home.  I waited until she left before I did the happy dance.  I doubt this piece will make it through the day.  It's sooooooo good.  What if I waited until tomorrow, and we got hit by a comet tonight?  Well, we could.  You know it's possible.  I know it's not likely, but it IS possible, and I'd sure hate to let this go to waste.

Things That Grow:  I'll never be a gardener.  I thought I was so smart, getting my seeds planted early.  Most didn't germinate.  I did have some radishes, but I didn't plant the red ones deeply enough, so the tops were above ground, and something nibbled on the red part.

And these had lots of little hairy roots on them.

And the watermelon radishes didn't come up at all.  The white radishes had beautiful tops. 
Are they edible?  I need to Google that.

Tips:  One little thing I wanted to mention, which you probably already know.  After you cook in a stainless steel pot, sometimes there's a white residue in the bottom after you wash it, especially when you cook beans.  I've discovered that if you cover the inside bottom of the pot with a thin layer of white vinegar and let it sit a bit, the stuff comes right out.

Just wanted to mention that the only photo taken with my new camera is of my old camera. I'll play with the new one this week perhaps.  For now, I just have to finish my book chore. As a little side benefit, I have a good start on the garage as a result.  Just wait until you see how many books I have.  You'll swear that I've lost my mind.  I do plan, however, to hit the Greene County Library Book Sale which starts April 27. Don't worry, I'm just going to buy the cookbooks I'm collecting (which shall be nameless until I have all eighteen, because if I tell, you'll all run out and buy them).  I'll let you know. 



  1. That certainly looks like a very impressive camera, I too would need to take a course to be able to operate it. I really would love to better myself at photography.

  2. You should have seen the cameras in the class. I wanted to hide mine in its bag - so tiny compared to all the others, but I can only take things a little at a time. Oh, to be a teenager again and know all this technical mumbo-jumbo, right? I'm still using my flip-phone, too.

  3. Just keep playing with your camera yourself and you will figure it all out! Have fun!