Sunday, October 9, 2016

Week 42, 10-09-2016

Thoughts and Quotes: Don't do as I do - do as I say.
                                                      My Mother and her Mother before her

And I'm following right in their footsteps. I told you what to do for your health this week, and then I didn't follow my instructions. I did eat apples almost every day and greens almost every day, short on water and tea and totally negligent with the exercise.

Tidying: Not I, City of Nixa. They resurfaced our street on Monday, but the lead guy who was sweeping the streets knocked my mailbox over.

He waited for help, and it took four men to put it upright. Now it's starting to look like The Tower of Pisa, so they have to come back and level it. At least it didn't fall into the street and smash apart like last time. That time it had to be totally rebuilt. You'd think they'd learn, but maybe it's a new driver each time. The turn really is sharp.

Tips: First I'd like to tell you about hatch chiles. I buy Black Angus hamburber patties (in the freezer) at Aldi. They come in plain, bacon-Cheddar, or sweet onion. One time they had only hatch chile. I'd never heard of them, so decided they're probably like ortegas and not that hot. Boy! Was I wrong! Five-alarm fire. 

I cooked three of the patties. They're big, about 1/3 pound each so a pound of meat total. I tore them up and made soup with them. I added potatoes, onions, celery, carrots, corn, beef broth, canned tomatoes, tomato sauce. 

It was still too spicy for me. If you don't like spicy, you won't like hatch chiles. I called Friend Steg and he came and picked it up. He's a brave soul.

Tip 2: Be sure to read the signs at the market. I started to buy two pounds of butter (usually cheaper), but I looked at the sign. I could buy one pound for $2.98, or two pounds for $6.98 or $3.49 each. Hmmmmmmm.

Joey was coming over to make cards so I decided to make Rueben sandwiches. I needed one pound of corned beef and a half pound of baby Swiss cheese. The meat is $9.98 per pound and the cheese is $7.48 a pound, so $13.72 total.

or I could buy the double deal (one pound of meat and a half pound of cheese) for $9.00.

And it's the same meat and cheese. A savings of $4.72.  A no-brainer. We just have to be vigilent.

Tales: I finally finished this three-book series which was free at one time (Kindle version). I really like the way this author writes, but the plots were a little thin. The protagonist runs her aunt's floral shop, so naturally I was drawn. Who doesn't love flowers?!

And, of course, I had to pick up a few books at the library book sale. Do you get the idea that I like biographies?

And I picked up this at Dollar Tree. Of course, it's a biography.

Teas: The library will have another Mother's Day tea next year. The little girls love it. They get to dress up or wear their little princess costumes. Pam helps them decorate a hat (to keep), and they get a photo made with mommy to take home. Those photos are filled with happy faces. I found some cute teapots for door prizes. And that's why I was at the library (to drop them off), and that's why I had to visit the book sale. Really. I didn't want to - it just worked out that way. And I'd have been embarrassed to leave empty-handed. Well - wouldn't I? 

Time for Others: Joey came over and made a baby girl card for her new great-granddaughter and a birthday card for her brother-in-law.

I had a package of six notecards I picked up for $1. I decided they needed a little help, so that's how I spent my time. I can't show the birthday cards I made this week, because I don't want them seen ahead of time by the recipients.

Thank Yous: To Friend Sally for this Can't-Wait-To-Use-It glass serving dish and these adorable little mallard stirrers.

And to Friend Joey for these cute little dishes. I love tiny dishes for serving butter, spreads, condiments, sauces, etc.

I had four already, but it worked out perfectly. Mine were off-white and these are white-white. 

Togs: Will I ever finish this project?
Day 113

Day 114

Day 115

Day 116

Day 117 Ugly! Walmart shopping clothes.

Day 118 Same ugly pants

Day 119

Time-Saver: I'm letting you off easy this week with a short post, but I want to leave you with 

Thoughts and Quotes: The year is flashing by. New Year's Day 2016 seems just a few weeks ago, yet here we are, close to the middle of October. Soon it will be Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then another New Year.

We know that life is finite. None of us will get out alive. We could be struck down at any age without a moment's notice, but as a senior, this feeling of my mortality is becoming more and more real to me. And like Robert Frost, I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. In my case, the promises are to myself and the miles to go are my life goals. 

No more wasted time - no more diddling on the computer - no more watching frivolous TV (I can do this now that I've seen all the Perry Mason reruns). I'm making my goals my priority, and I thank you for coming along.

If you're feeling as I am, that we need to get busy on our bucket lists, I'd love you to join me in a pledge to focus-focus-focus. 








  1. Such a wonderful idea to embellish the notecards, it really did make a difference from duckling to swan, stunning.

    1. I don't know when it started, but I got in the habit of never sending anything without a card - even a check. And I was taught by a cardmaking teacher to never send naked mail, so I always embellish my envelopes also. I love doing it, but I often wonder if the mailman thinks a little girl lives here when he sees all the flowers, birds, leaves, butterflies, etc when he picks up my mail.

  2. I enjoy making cards too and think people appreciate receiving them in this age of communicating through social media. Wink of Stella gives shimmer to many of my stamped images and there's usually stamps and stickers on the envelope.
    Hubby and I have seen all the Perry Mason episodes too but watched one with our dinner on TV trays tonight. :-)

  3. I actually made my Shug some Ruebens a couple of weeks ago. He loved them! Great grocery tips. Sometimes I do all of the math when at the store, and sometimes I run in, get what I need, and leave. I should be more diligent. Great idea about condiments. I always just set them out in their bottles. (so tacky!) Cute cards. Anyone would be happy to receive them.

    Cindy Bee

  4. Your first quote in the beginning is my favourite too :) But - I am not so goal minded - I love to waste time and be lazy :) Happy weekend!

    1. I fear that I love to waste time also, as I have accomplished much this week except go-go-go. I'll tell you about it Sunday

  5. Hi Patsy, warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. You have a lovely blog. I love all the items in your photos, and I, too, love biographies...and non-fiction. The soup does look quite good, but I am not into hot and spicy foods, preferring mild flavours.

    1. Steg fed the soup to his lawn crew and they want to know what kind of soup I'm making for them next week.

  6. Wonderful
    Kisses for you
    New post

    1. And kisses back to you for being my very first reader from Italy.

  7. I'm doing my best to appreciate every day. A reuben sandwich sounds like something to enjoy!

  8. In case you decide to make a Reuben, the instructions are on week 36. One of these days, I'm going to figure out how to list my recipes and link them to the proper week.

    Anyway, the good news about a Reuben is if you only want to eat half (it's a lot to eat), you can heat the second half in the toaster oven and it's almost as good as fresh off the griddle.

  9. Hi Patsy! I have been enjoying scrolling back and enjoying a nice long visit with you. You have introduced to me to so many interesting sites, including the school near you! Your love of books is much like mine. I find it so hard to pass a display of books without buying one. However, I am still trying to recover from the years my husband and I owned a new/used bookstore in upstate NY. When we sold the store MANY books came with us and I have a hard time liberating them to new owners. Good for you making so many lovely cards and actually sending them! It seems to me you are doing a good job reaching your goals and you encourage me to meet mine as well. Thanks!

    1. I still have "I Retire to Cape Cod" on my list. I ordered it in through our library consortium and it was on its way and then disappeard from my "Hold" list. Will try again soon.

      I have over 3,000 books in my family room bookshelves, in my office book shelves, in my office closet, in my nightstands, in shelves and boxes in my garage PLUS over 1,000 on my Kindle.

      I always heard that "You can never be too rich or too thin" to which I added "Nor have too many books and black slacks". I believe the too thin part is now obsolete, as we have become aware of the dangers of anorexia, but never give up your books.

      I can't think of anything more exciting than having a bookstore unless it's a book and dishes store - my two incurable addictions.

      Thank you for telling me my blog encourages you to work on your goals. THAT encourages me.

  10. Howday! I first met my wife in Nixa, and we lived in her teeny tiny house on South Main from 1994-2000. We now live in Springfield.

    1. Is it still there? I'm sure you know that many are still being lived in. You had the advantage of first dibs when Sucker Days rolled around. The one year I went, they had run out of fish.

      I grew up in Springfield, moved to CA when I was twenty, returned when I retired. Springfield seemed too big, but Nixa will soon be just an extension of Springfield as I'm sure you've noticed.

    2. I don's know if the house is still there or not. It was just 20'x10' (I thin) and located in the backyard of her aunt and uncle's big house on the corner of the street in front of the post office and Main. They sold the property when they had to move into assisted living (also in Nixa) and we moved onto East Florida Street in Springfield. We now own a house in the northwestern part of the town.

      Yeah, Sucker Days were something else. We only went to a couple together because of me often being out on the truck. Be assured that I have been to almost the whole of California while I was still out there trucking from coast to coast and parts of Canada.

      Springfield and Nixa are indeed growing together. It was pretty cool that they had Jason Bourne from Nixa in the movies.

      Speaking of the towns seeming so big now, I spent most of my childhood around Cassville and my wife around Cabool. So, Nixa was pretty big to us back then.

      Hey, while I have your attention, I will add this site to our new site directory, ahead of schedule. May we display your header (linked back to the Home page)? I now know how to embed links into comments, but some people don't like it. So, just google to find it, but I will come back and leave a link if that would be better for you.

    3. Whoa, I am getting better at having senior moments than I thought. Please forgive all of the typos in my last replay. Sigh.

    4. I would be honored to be added to your list of sites. I plan to put three really nice photos on my header, but haven't quite figured it out yet. Can you change it later when I add the photos?

      I looked at your website and think it's a marvelous idea; however, I'm wondering how I'll be able to get my windows washed before it gets cold when all I want to do is check out all those delicious new blogs.

      I have a very eclectic blog, so if I can make a request, I'd like to be under a new header called Teas/Tablescapes/Theme Dining because that's where I plan to place my emphasis. As you can see, I'm easily sidetracked, but getting back in line next week.

      Also, just curious. How did you happen to read my blog? Were you Googling Nixa?

      And FYI, in case you missed it - the local Godfather's Pizza had a sign out from which said, "Jason Bourne eats here". Guess someone made them take it down.

      Not to worry. Typos are the spice of life.

    5. See? The sign is out front - not out from.

    6. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you just messed up to make me feel better. Thank you for giving permission to display your header. Aside from the All category and the slideshow on the Home page, you can see it under Daily Life, Photography and the United States. If you will let me know when you have it as you would like it, I will change it.

    7. Thank you, Very Nice Gentleman. And I'll mention you in my blog today, because I know some of my readers would love to know about your website.

    8. Thank you so very much! There are several other site directories out there, but they are either populated by those who have signed-up and can categorize their site as they like or by webcrawling bots that are susceptible to SEO trickery. The advantage that I am going for with SiteHoundSniffs is better accuracy regarding what a site is at least mostly about. Of course, mistakes are bound to happen...

      Oh, I forgot to answer your question about how I found you. I don't remember where, but I saw your Patsy in Nixa, MO on a comment you left.

    9. Well, I'm glad we found each other. I'll be publishing this week's post in a few minutes. You're in there.

  11. You have Aldi too ? I remember when I was a child (centuries ago) we had them already in Germany in the 5Oth, later they started to have one in all countries ! We have several once in Brussels too ! Your soup looks delicious, I like a bit spicy but not that I have to call the firemen !

    1. My kids live in Orange County in California. They just recently got an Aldi, and they're thrilled.

      The soup wasn't really that spicy. I'm just a wimp.