Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week 41, 10-2-2016

Thoughts and QuotesI’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.
                                                                                                Anne of Green Gables

So am I, Anne, so am I. I love the feel of October with cooler nights, mellow days, and preparing to tuck in for the winter. I also love October because it brought me a baby boy on the 8th when the trees were so bright they seemed to glow. And as it turns out, my son also turned out to be very bright. 

So goodbye to the last of the flowers 

and the tomatoes

and baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals

I even put my rally towel out, hoping we'd make it to the play-offs. The Cardinals had to beat the Pirates and the Giants had to lose to the Dodgers. The Cardinals won, but so did the Giants. The Dodgers put in their "second stringers", and didn't even pull the starting pitcher until he had allowed five runs. It felt as if the Dodgers were throwing the game. Now there's no chance they'll have to travel to St. Louis to play the Cardinals. It's a short flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco to play the Giants. Maybe that's why they didn't even try today. It really hurts to lose by one game, though.

So hello to mums - those little $3 babies grow up to be big boys

As you remember, my son was here this week for a brief (too brief) visit. After the brunch I posted last week, we just "goofed off", or as we say in the Ozarks, we spent the time "gommin' and piddlin'". We went to my local thrift store and didn't buy a thing, but he got to meet Baby.

We visited my bench at the studio on Commercial Street. After I made it, I realized it was too heavy to bring home, so we added it to the "art" park.

The benches they make now are bigger and more advanced.

My daughter-in-law loves this "yard art", so we took lots of photos.

We saw this 6' chicken outside a thrift store and Mike said, "Oh, Kathy would love that in our yard". 


We went looking for coffee beans called Black Satin which Mike has decided is the best coffee in the world. We were unsuccessful, but I loved this sign in one of the Heros Coffee shops.

Tidbits: I believe that I've mentioned that I always look at the Five On Friday where bloggers link to Amy at I loved Tomoko's (from Japan) photos from last week of the monks cleaning the giant Buddha and also the Candle Festival. Take a look.

And this week Mascha from Germany, who takes photos of old doors, bridges, factories, churches, etc. posted this door photo with five little mini-stories about it. You'll be charmed. Read all of them. So sweet. Click here.

And then Pat, from California, took us on a knitting retreat on the Michigan Island called Bois Blanc which means White Wood. You'll wish you'd been along. Take a look.

It was a banner week for Five on Friday and I'm only through the first five. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I'll have time to look at the other 21. Aren't we lucky to have the internet so we can see how others around the world spend their time just living their lives. 

And now back to California so we can finish up and return to my original purpose for this blog.

The Richard Nixon Presidential Library

The Nixon boyhood home was moved here. It's a tiny little place.

Richard and Pat are both buried here.

And the canopy from Tricia's White House wedding is in the garden.

The grounds are beautiful.

I love visiting presidential libraries. They house papers of the president, but much more. The gifts from foreign countries, dresses of the first lady, a replica of an office, sometimes a car, and lots of history and a movie of the president's life.

There's also a room full of world leaders, made to scale. You can walk around and introduce yourself.

There's a replica of The White House which is housed in Florida and travels around to various locations. I was fortunate enough to see it twice at the Nixon Library. It's an incredible undertaking. Anytime something is changed in the real White House, the replica is changed also. And the seasons are changed, as you'll see in my photos. And the first time it was there, they brought along the statues of the presidents. I think the second visit was to honor the completion of the East Room - an exact replica in the library - which will be used for events.

The East Room

Some of the statues

The White House

And then it was winter and Christmas time. The little TV's actually worked.

There was also a replica of the Nixon birthplace

After seeing the meticulous details of the replica White House, I was surprised at the rather lackluster website with little information. The replica is at home in Clermont, Florida, and if you're ever near there, it's worth a stop. I think there might be other worthwhile exhibits as well, but I had a tough time navigating their website. Here it is. Wait for the photos to change, and you can see the other collections - White House china, First Lady gowns, memorabilia, etc.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Now that you know all about presidential libraries, I'll just add the photos randomly.

Construction was underway for the building to house an old Air Force One, but I left California before it was completed. Here's the mock up.

The Oval Office

I used this layout to figure out how to deal with my large living room

Nancy is buried here, but my visit was before she passed.

Wonderful views from the back 

We're almost finished, but I must show you some of the angels. I saw moose in Toronto and cows in Dublin, but I like the angels best.

And finally, a quick stop at the Knotts Berry Farm Sunday Brunch. They have the world's best fried chicken and biscuits.

I love my house, but sometimes I yearn for my small two bedrooms-one bath condo with only a deck. I could clean that place in no time. It was all upstairs above the garages. I called it my penthouse.

You entered from the garage at the bottom of the stairs.

and ended up in the living room

An ajoining dining room leading to a deck. The kitchen is behind the wall shown above.

A roomy bedroom. I locked the door going into the bath so I'd have room for my chaise and just used the door from the hall

Only one sink and a shower over the tub

I used the second bedroom as an office/den. Life was simple, life was good. Still is, even with all the weeds.

So we leave California, but keep the memories of other times. Now to get back to the original purpose of this blog. We have miles to go before we sleep. So back to goals and back to organizing my closets.








  1. Wow, what a rich and interesting post! So famous angels, like them all. And my absolute favorite is the bright grey cat...
    September and october are my loveliest months, our october begun with cold rain, until today (so I can sort out the stuff in my old working room and prepair it for the renovation in november).
    Thanks for featuring me :-)
    Enjoy your week

    1. It was my honor to feature you, and I'm sure everyone who reads your stories will delight in them, as I did.

  2. What a great post, I love the White House miniature, a feast for the eyes. The yard art was a joy too. I could go on, a great post.

    1. A kindred spirit to my daughter-in-law. I call that yard art "junk". Isn't it great that we're all different so that we have this wonderful diverse world?

      I hope to visit the little White House in Florida sometime so I can see all the other collections.

      Thanks for being such a great supporter.

  3. Hi Patsy! Sorry I've been so absent. I'm still nursing a horrible cold I can't seem to kick. Worse virus I've had in a long time! Ugh.

    But enough whining. Always love catching up with you here. You always have so many fun and interesting things to share. ;) I love museums like that too and all they have to offer.

    Sorry about your team. But love the Fall starting to show up around there. ;) I hope you have a wonderful weekend and STAY HEALTHY!!

    1. Was just looking at your Wednesday post. Missed you on Five on Friday, but Wednesday told me why. Poor baby. I hate having a cold. Colds are for people who have time to stay in bed. I’m sure you just got overly tired in CA and will soon be back to your energetic and active self.

      My week has been a fix-it week. They resurfaced my street on Monday and knocked my mailbox over. It’s beginning to look like the Tower of Pisa, so they need to come back and level it.
      Tuesday I finally found a roofer who could fix my minor leak. The other roofer worked on it for weeks. Cost me $689, but the peace of mind calls it a bargain.
      Thursday I found someone to dig out the line of dirt beside my sidewalk where the boxwoods kept dying because they were too wet. He took out the clay soil and the chunks of concrete left by the builder years ago and replaced it with a loose compost soil.
      Today I went to the nursery and got six replacement shrubs and he came back and planted them.
      Tomorrow I’m taking a day off to go to the library book sale, Bon Worth for navy and black slacks, and try to find some hankies as a gift to take to a gentleman’s 89th birthday party. That’s what his daughter said to bring. If I have time, I’ll hit a thrift store.

      Get well Darling Girl, so you can take care of your beautiful family. Get well hugs, Patsy

  4. The angels are fabulous! I loved the concrete benches too, and the yard art.

    1. I like the benches, too, but the yard art does nothing for me. I often wonder what happened to those angels are the exhibit ended.

  5. Hi Patsy, it was so much fun to read your post today and learn all about your adventures. I've been wanting to visit the Nixon library since it isn't too far from where I live. I hope that you are enjoying the start of fall. Wishing you all the best. Hugs, Pat

    1. I'd love to see Air Force One at Reagan's library, and maybe I will some day. My son and daughter-in-law still live in Orange, but they usually come to see me. Maybe I need to go see them and let them take me.

      Some exhibits at presidential libraries change. I saw and FBI display once and even an authentic enigma machine.

  6. Beautiful, informative, inspiring... this post was everything.
    The White House miniature must be the most gorgeous one ever made. May I pin some of the photos?
    Thank you and have a great weekend!

    1. Be my guest - pin away. Wish they were better photos, but flash wasn't allowed.

      If you can figure out how to find your way around the White House Replica website, maybe it will be moving somewhere so you can see it in person. I must tell you, though, that it's worth a trip to Florida.

  7. I love the yard art bottle tree. That's something I could do in my own back garden.
    I don't pretend to understand the sport. I wouldn't even be sure it was baseball if you hadn't said - but we don't play that over here, so I hope you forgive me!

    1. So long as you shed a little tear for my Cardinals, you're forgiven. I'm the same with Rugby. Not a clue. I think that's what makes travel and blogging so much fun. We find out how different we are, but basically all the same - one big human family.

      If you weren't so far away, I would supply you with some bottles for a tree. I've been saving them to make flavored vinegars as party favors when I have the girls in for lunch. My pantry is overflowing.

  8. So many interesting photos. Especially I enjoyed those miniature White House and those sculptures!Have a good weekend!

    1. So we covered both ends - the large and the small. Your big Buddha and my little White House. Isn't blogging fun?

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Don't know why, Tomoko, but your comments always post twice.

  10. Wow there are so many beautiful and interesting pictures you showed ! I personally don't like the autumn season, I prefer spring by far ! Love the artwork, especially the benches and how interesting Nixon's house !

    1. I'm surprised at how many people like the yard art. To me it looks like a junkyard. I embrace our differences - makes a more interesting world.

      I love spring also, and aren't we lucky that we get one every year? I might rethink autumn today, as it was actually nippy when I went out to feed a feral kitty this morning. Seems we went from hot to cold, but yesterday was perfect during the day and more of the same for the next few days. Wonder if I have time for a picnic? Hmmmmmmm.