Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week 27, June 26, 2016

Thoughts and Quotes:  Life is a song and you get to make up the melody.  Unknown

This got me thinking.  If I had a theme song, what would it be?  The Best Things in Life are Free?  Accentuate the Positive?  You Never Walk Alone?  I Believe?  Climb Every Mountain?  Feelin' Groovy?  I finally settled on What a Wonderful World.  Thank you, to all the composers who add to our lives.

Tidying:  Yes, I know, I promised, but I MUST share this formula I found for cleaning the grout in your tile.  Mix: 7 cups water, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/3 cup ammonia, 1/4 cup vinegar.  Put in a spray bottle and spray the grout generously.  Wait 4-5 minutes.  Scrub. I use a nail brush.  My toothbrushes are too soft.  Rinse clean.  When it dries, apply sealer. NOTE: Never add bleach to this formula, as bleach and ammonia or bleach and vinegar mixed together gives off toxic fumes which can kill you.

Since tile is really hard on my poor old knees, I use two of those cheap kneeling pads for the garden, one under each knee.  This way, I can move one at a time as I progress, without getting up and down.  As you can see, they've been used in the yard as they were intended.

I wrote this formula some time ago in my "Home" notebook.  I have no idea where I got it, but to that source, I am eternally grateful.

Tidbits:  More techie stuff.  I'm fascinated by the 3D printers.  Nephew Ron has a friend who wanted an owl and a skull.  This is the result.  WOW!  According to Ron, "It was designed by member cerberus333 of . That member has designed over 500 things that can be made with a 3D printer. That member, along with several hundred others, put their creations on for others to download and enjoy free of charge, so long as it’s not used commercially and you give credit to the designer".

Tasting:  I was supposed to be having fun this week, but Mim beat me to it.  She went to Arizona to visit relatives and look what she ate at a French restaurant: Chicken Florentine Bruschetta, salad and herbal tea.  She knew I'd want a photo.

Tidying:  Yes, I'm supposed to be having fun, but believe it or not, I enjoy organizing and sorting.  I've heard that you should work at making a living doing something you love, but I'm not sure I could survive alone on a file clerk's wages.  So now that I'm retired, I can organize to my heart's content, and that's what I've been doing.  I had lots of wallpaper samples from discarded sample books I got from a home improvement store.  I gleaned out this much for Katie's class:

And I still have this much for myself.  I made three cards today.  These are made with only wallpaper, a half sheet of 8-1/2" x 11" card stock each,  two ready-made envelopes, glue stick, and two-sided tape. 

And wallpaper makes great background paper. 

Things that Grow:  This is in a neighbor's yard which I pass when leaving our subdivision. Don't you love it?  I want one.  It gets prettier each year.

Tidbits:  Another of my sometimes guests at my Kitty Cat Cafe.  This is Midnight and she slipped in between showers.  

Another day, I snapped at photo of Bomber, so named because he looks as if he's wearing one of those WWII caps with ear flaps which the pilots wore.

Not a bomber, but maybe the same vintage.  I snapped this prop plane as we were leaving the restaurant today.

Temptations:  Friends Joey and Katie Sue and I had lunch at Nearly Famous, where everyone is so nice and the food is wonderful.  We had ordinary lunches, not necessarily photo worthy, but the dessert was.  Lemonberry Cake.  It's lemon cake with blueberries, cream cheese frosting, and drizzled with raspberry syrup.

Time for Others:  Katie and I finished our cards for show-and-tell.  She's been so industrious lately, I haven't even contributed to her shut-in cards.  I'm stockpiling mine for my own use right now.  Katie Sue on the left, Patsy on the right.

I didn't cut off the corner - you just don't see it against the black table.

Thrifting:  After lunch, I told Friend Joey I wanted to show her the shop I'd told her about earlier called Charming Charlie.  The store is beautifully arranged, superb merchandising, and friendly sales people.  A visit is a feast for the eyes.  Well - they had a big sign in the window - "Biggest sale of the year on jewelry - 60% off clearance price".  Uh oh!  We found lots of costume jewelry which had red stickers showing the price at 50% of the original price. Then we could take 60% off the reduced price.  The most expensive thing I bought was originally $18, so half would be $9 and then 40% of that would be $3.60, a savings of $14.40.  The items which were originally $14 were $2.80.  I pay $3 at the thrift store for a necklace, and it doesn't come with earrings, as many of these did.  How could I resist?  I couldn't.  Take a look.

See the orange set?  Goes perfectly with Day 33, but I'd already taken the photo.

And I got a $10 coupon to use on a future visit in July.

Time for Others:  Not my time.  Lady Anne's time.  I received my first letter from my new letter exchange friend.  Royal Mail!  And a picture of the Queen!  How exciting is this?!  And yes, she's really a titled "Lady".  I want a title.

Tidbits:  Remember the forks with long handles from last week?  Even Chosen Brother Peter, my go-to expert in all things for dining, says that he's mystified.  If he doesn't know, no one knows.  He gave me permission to show some of the photos I took at his Downton Abbey Tablescape presentation.  Yes, he did it all himself, right down to arranging the flowers, and with his own dinnerware.  This was at our local botanical center, where he is the horticultural interpreter.  He also paints, draws, writes books, and can carry a tune.  I'm urging him to publish a book he's just finished about his days with the cruise lines, Twenty-five Years Before the Mast, A Cruise Director Looks Back.  Then I'll start working on him to write about his experiences as the head overseer of a castle in Ireland, where the family still dined in the Crawley manner. He hired the maids, butlers, etc., designed their English gardens, tutored the children, and on and on.  Probably didn't get much sleep.  Here's the castle.

And the tablescape presentation

Tip:  A young lady from The United Arab Emirates (Dubai) visited my blog this week, and left a comment.  I can't even begin to know how or why she found my blog, but I was curious to know about her.  I truly believe the Universe takes care of us, if only we trust it to do so.  I was in a very weepy and blue mood this morning, missing my kitty and my brother, both having passed at the beginning of this year.  When I starting reading Shilpa's posts, I found this:

Instead of asking
Why they left?
Now, I would ask
What beauty will I create in the place they no longer occupy. . .
And will I?

                                                                              Shilpa Chandrasekheran

This was just what I needed to see my loss in a totally new way.  I enjoyed her posts so much, I'm sharing her address.  I think you'll enjoy her writing, and be sure to click on "Culture" to see some of the most interesting photos and the most vibrant colors imaginable.

Here's Shilpa who lives in Dubai.

Teaching and Learning: I must admit that when Shilpa's blog said that she lives in Dubai, yet my page views said I had a visitor from the UAE (United Arab Emirates), I was confused. If you are as well, I found someone who can explain it perfectly, and it's right here.

Tidbits:  I find myself complaining about the heat this summer.  As a matter of fact, I complain about the weather a lot.  I'm really only completely happy when the temperature is 70 degrees and overcast.  I don't like the sun beating down on me, but if it's overcast, the clouds cause humidity and I don't like that either.  Never satisfied.  Well, I had quite an awakening this week when reading Amy's Five on Friday link-up.  Karen at Beatrice Euphemie talked about what she does when it rains.  I'm hanging my head in shame.  If I complain about the weather again, please just smack me.  Check this out and you'll feel the same.  Let's all join in with Karen and share her weather attitude.  Here's Karen.

Temptations:  I've had trouble with my cable bundle recently, so when I called to tell them I thought I should have a refund for the TV I hadn't been able to use for almost two weeks, they told me that my package includes 1-4 TV's at the same price.  I told him that I felt better just being able to blow off steam because everything is working again, but it seemed someone from their company had been at my house daily for a two-week period.  It was if they traveled from New York to California by way of Brazil.  But I've found that this company always finds ways to make me happy.  He offered to send me another receiver, no charge, no installation if I just hooked it up myself, etc. etc.  Then he told me that one reason it took so long on the first visit was that I was changed over to WiFi.  Well, whole new ball game. All I have to do when I move the TV is plug it into an electrical outlet, attach the receiver and I can take it anywhere - even to the garage or to the patio.  

So I bought a small TV I can put in the corner of my office (don't know where I'll put all the junk on top).  I was hoping to get rid of that bookcase one day (unsightly), but now I'll probably be stuck with it. 

And while I was there, I found one which will fit my entertainment center.  Everyone is buying huge screens now, and they are a  joy, but I'd have to put one in my living room (not an option) or tear out my entertainment center (also not an option), so there you are. My kids will be so happy to hear that Mom finally got around to buying a new TV because the old one is dying a slow death - it makes everything pink.  The people all look as if they've spent a day on the beach in a hot sun.  I thought one big burly guy looked so sissy in pink trousers until I realized they were probably khaki or beige.  Anyway, I was happy to find a fit for my "hole" because someday we probably won't be able to buy smaller sizes.  Maybe I should buy an extra for a replacement.  We've come a long way, haven't we?  Remember the great big wooden boxes with a little 8" screen and a snowy picture?  I wheeled my two TV's out on one of those special carts they have at Best Buy and was getting ready to put them in my trunk.  A nice young man was walking by and asked if he could help.  I was so happy I could tell him thank you but I could handle it because the bigger one only weighed 8-1/2 pounds and the smaller one even less. And cheap?  Wow!  Pretty soon the cable companies will be giving them away if you sign up with them. Now to get that big chunky one out of the hole.  Different story. I didn't think he'd be willing to come home and help me with that though, so I'll wait until they come to mow my yard on Monday.  See what I mean?


Day 29, June 20, 2016 Looks black, but it's navy.  Why am I not using my new camera?

Day 30, June 21, 2016 The blouse came from Friend Joey, by way of Friend Billie - love it!

Day 31, June 22, 2016

Day 32, June 23, 2016, Same pants, different top.  Adding a few sequins and pearls to a plain tee makes a big difference.  I worried about how the washing machine would treat the sequins, but no problem. 

Day 33, June 24, 2016.  Good to wear when you're meeting a friend in a big crowd.  Can't possibly be missed.  You saw this plaid blouse earlier when I was bragging about how I bought it for $2.40 at the thrift store.  I tried pairing it with red pants, but wow!, hurts your eyes.

Day 34, June 25, 2016

Day 35, June 26, 2016

Time to Buckle Down:  Next week will be all about work-work-work.  I'm going to put in one week of long days of lots of work, so I can finally get caught up and then have fun.  Also, my togs will all be brown, so a pretty boring post next week.  I'll make up for it.  Promise.





Thank you for sharing my life


  1. I was impressed with all your jewellery bargains, great finds. I enjoyed looking at your cards what a wonderful idea to use wallpaper, inspirational. Have a great week.

    1. Confession - I went back the next day and bought some more. I do tend to get carried away with things; hence, all the clothes, books, cookbooks, etc. They only have this sale once a year.

      Wallpaper is also great for making "gift sets". You buy plain gift bags (they come in colors at Dollar Tree); then decorate the front with wallpaper; put matching tissue in the bag; using the wallpaper, make a card, an envelope and a gift tag. My sister-in-law loves these. I'm working on one for her today.

  2. Will you be hosting a 4th of July get-together, Patsy? If so, I can't wait to see photos!

    1. We'll be celebrating Peter's birthday, and plans aren't final yet. Imagine - an Englishman who's a Yankee-Doodle. And though he's English, he was born in Scotland because it was during the war and his father sent his mother north where it was safe.

      Whatever we do, there will be photos. (If I don't forget again).

  3. Such a gorgeous table setting and a sweet cat1

    1. Alas, Peter has gotten so busy, he doesn't do the tablescape presentations anymore. We miss them.

  4. I use chlorid to clean the tiles (outside) it takes every dirt or moss away. Love your Bomber with the flat ears ! the table pictures are beautiful !

    1. Thank you, Gattina, for the tip. I'm doing kitchen floor tile right now, but the outside is coming up, and I noticed my front sidewalk needs some attention. I'll try your method.

      You're the second person to comment on the table (you understand that Peter did that one), so I'm going to post some photos from The Tour of Tables the garden clubs used to sponsor on my Week 28.

  5. The table is sooo lovely! I have a fascination with castles and love your photo.

  6. Thank you, Betty, but I must give credit where it's due. Peter, who did the beautiful table, took the photo of the castle. It's in Ireland.

    Check my Week 28 posting for another of Peter's tables.