Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week 25, June 12, 2016

Thoughts and Quotes:  Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.
                                                                                                Henry James

Thunder: Summer is truly upon us here in the Ozarks, though it's still officially a week away. Hot and muggy the last few days, and then today the thunder roared and the deluge came and washed the earth and cooled the air and reaffirmed my decision to move back from California. There's nothing so fresh as the period following a good downpour.

Tears:  My son and daughter-in-law have come and gone - back to California.  I miss them already.  Thankfully they were here on Sonny's birthday.  For those of you who haven't been with me from the beginning, Sonny was my younger brother who died in February, the result of an auto accident.  We made his birthday cake - pineapple upside-down cake - one of his two favorites, the other being carrot cake.

We celebrated with lunch at Ocean Zen.  I wasn't thinking straight that day, or I'd have taken photos at this Asian flavor restaurant with unusual and original decor.  Chosen Brother Peter had a mai tai, which warranted a photo.

Sonny's friend, Linda May, had macadamia chicken, which she said was very good.  It's sitting atop garlic mashed potatoes.

Son Mike had lobster mac and cheese and it came with a small tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, a rather unusual combination, I thought.  The rest of us had bento boxes with miso soup. Steak for Brother Jim, teriyaki chicken for Chosen Brother Peter and myself, salmon for Brother Bill and Daughter-in-Law Kathy.

If ever you're in Springfield, Missouri, you might consider dining here.  You'll be glad you did. Click for website.  

We brought birthday cake for everyone to take home.  Happy Birthday, Baby Brother.  We miss you.

Thrifting: Kathy and I spent a day bargain hunting.  We went to my local thrift shop, the one with the new kitty, where I discovered that it's a "her", not a "him", and her name is Baby. She was sleeping in the office, so we missed seeing her.  I found a nice scarf for 80 cents (navy, not black as it looks in the photo).

I loved this mini-cup and saucer for holding sugar and sweetener.  Only $1.20.

Sadly, there were only three snack sets, $1.60 each.  I'd have liked four.

Then another thrift store where I found only these pretty bowls.  The avocado is to show perspective. Sixty cents each.  Small bowls are scarce.  You buy them when you see them.

Then a new-to-me thrift store, where they were having a sale - fill a paper grocery bag and pay $5.  I found these nice tops and they didn't fill my bag, so Kathy put some of her things in on top of mine.  So, $5 for five tops.  The black cardigan will be a bargain only if I have eight matching buttons, as a couple of these are peeling.

And I bought necklaces for $1 apiece.  Gee, I must have a weakness for white.  The brooch was 50 cents.  The necklace on the left is two hooked together.  I might take that middle part out.  What do you think?  Should I?

And I liked this tote for only $2.  Perfect for meeting Katie Sue for show and tell with our cards.

We couldn't miss one of Kathy's favorite stores - $1 Fashion Jewelry.  Inflation has struck. Most things are now $2 and up, but still a few $1 bargains.  So $2 isn't a bargain?  I'm getting to be a real cheapskate.

Tasting:  Dinner one night was at Famous Dave's.  Tuesday night is Feast for Two at a reduced price.  We had two for three of us, so we'd have leftovers.  LOTS of food.

The night before my kids were scheduled to leave, I developed a 100.8 fever and took to the couch.  The last day of their visit, my darling, patient daughter-in-law sat while I was stretched out on the couch, and we watched game and cooking shows on TV all day.  My very wonderful son went out and pulled weeds in my garden.  If they visit next year, I'll probably develop another fever.  I hate pulling weeds.

Television:  The next morning, I still felt lousy and decided to continue my couch and TV routine.  After about an hour, the electricity had a hiccup - not even enough so that I had to reset the timer on the sprinklers - and then no TV, no telephone land line, and no computer. I used my cell phone to call tech support, and they said they'd be out between 1:00 and 4:00.  You guessed it - he showed up at 3:45 and didn't finish until 9:45.  He was running new wire across the back yard, going up in the attic, under the house, from the family room to the kitchen to the office and back again.  Finally, I had TV in the family room, phones, and computer.  He said that someone would come on Saturday and fix the TV in the kitchen and my Wi-Fi.  While he was working, I brought in the little TV from the garage, which plays VHS tapes.  I watched a long two-part biography of Mark Twain.  So at least I worked on one of my T's.  One tape down and a gazillion to go.  I waited all day on Saturday, and no one called, no one emailed, and no one came.  More TV, but by Sunday I was over my "bug", no fever, and feeling myself again.  I spent Sunday at Friend Joey's eating tacos and strawberry shortcake, so now I'm ready to get back to normal.

Time for Others:  I mentioned that I would show you some envelopes we make from magazine pages and calendars, here you go.

We usually use this template.

And sometimes we use this one.  Either will fit an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet.

Some calendar sheets require some maneuvering, due to that pesky hole in the top of the page.  Wallpaper (if not too thick), sheet music, wrapping paper, and even newspaper comic strips can be used.  Of course you have to use a label, as there's usually no space to write the address.  Carefully open out an envelope from a card someone sent you, and if it fits a 5-1/2" x 4-1/4" card, make yourself a template from an old file folder, and you're good to go.

Tidbit:  I'm so excited to share my news.  I have a new pen pal, or should I say, a new letter exchange lady.  I was matched with her through Lady Pamela's blog, The Jane Austen Letter Writing Society.  (Here)  Everyone is known by Lady Whatever, but I'm matched with an actual Lady for real.  How exciting is that?!  I've already received her introductory email and have responded.  If she's not totally put off by my response email, we'll soon have mail flying back and across from the USA to the UK.

Togs:  Moving on -

Day 15, June 6, this is one of the Bon Worth tops.  The pants are what we refer to as "sleazy" and the necklace is fresh water pearls.  I bought the necklace at my local jewelry store and wondered what I'd ever put with it.  I hate when I need a new watch battery, because I always end up with a new necklace, along with the battery.

Day 16, June 7, the pants are actually royal blue, which matches the ribbons on the top. Much better in real life.  My red pants don't work.  Ever notice how many shades there are of any given color?

Day 17, June 8, and we move the pants over to this top and sweater.

Day 18, June 9, nothing new here.

Day 19, June 10, I looked and looked for something to match these pants and nothing. Then I accidentally found it right in my own closet.  The grays are a better match in real life.

Day 20, June 11, nothing new.  Everyday, run-to-the-market clothes.

Day 21, June 12, more nothing new, run-to-the-store clothes.  Could use for going to a casual lunch.







  1. My brother recently started working in the kitchen at Ocean Zen. Glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Maybe he cooked my lunch! Love the new decor and need to go back for photos.

  2. Good as always to catch up with you. Sorry you were sick, I hope you are OK now. Glad you enjoyed your time with your family!!

    1. Thank you, dear sweet Amy. I'm perfectly well. So strange. A fever for two days which never did develop into a cold or anything else. Lucky me!

      Hoping my kids will someday move to Missouri. In the meantime, it's nice to be connected in Blog World.

  3. Interesting read Patsy, I too was sorry to read that you haven't been well but it sounds like you are recovered thank goodness. Thank you for sharing your days with us...
    Best Wishes ~ Lady Anne

    1. Lovely to see you in my comments. We just had another downpour, which has made the day smell fresh and sweet.

      True to my watch words for the week, I'm being a very good and disciplined girl. You'll see in my next post. Now for some fun.

  4. Patsy this was my first visit to your blog and I just want to say how much I enjoyed seeing what you got up to this week. Glad to know you're feeling better now.
    See you again soon!

    1. I don't always have time to comment on each post, but I'm a big fan of Five on Friday. Thanks for your kind words.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Is you grandson at SMU or Evangel? Either is a fine school, and growing all the time.

      Let me know if you come to Springfield for a visit. I'll take you to lunch. Eating out is a hobby of everyone in this area.

      By the way, my weeds are winning. I'm ready to surrender until next year if this heat continues.

    2. Comment somehow duplicated and I replied to the one I deleted. Blushing. Forgive me, please.

  6. Oh my grandson goes to college in Springfield...and my daughter & other grandson lives in willow spgs. Small world. Love all your thrft store finds!
    And laughed out loud...literally...about the fever/weeds.

    1. Forgive me Anni. I'm new at this. Your comment ended up here twice, so I deleted one of them. Then, duh! I replied to the one I deleted. The reply above goes here.

  7. Hi Patsy, I enjoyed seeing what you had been up to, and yes, i'd develop a fever too if it meant someone pulled my weeds out :) Glad you're better now.


    1. My fever never did develop any further. I was just tired. However, my son has been sick from the day after he went back home. Those weeds will get you every time.

  8. Hello Patsy. I'm catching up on your news as I've been otherwise engaged with life other than blogging. Thank you for your kind comments left on a recent blog post.
    You have been busy living the balanced life although Sorry you know you weren't well for a day or two, but glad to know you're better now. You take care. You've lots of nice outfits so stay well so that you can get out-and-about with your friends. I like that 'Italia' bag'. You'll have to match it up with an outfit of red green and white (Italian national colours) although I think you prefer blue, orange and brown. you have lots of nice costume jewelry too. If you take the middle string out of that necklace you'll have two necklaces instead of the one. I'm looking forward to next week's news and whether you get that bathing costume. Have a good one.

    1. Oh, Linda, you just popped up in my comments, right as I'm working on tomorrow's posting, and I've included a photo of the Sheffield forks I told you about.

      Hadn't thought of using the Italia tote as a handbag, but it would be an eye-catcher, wouldn't it? Good idea.

    2. I've just noticed your comment on my blog post about the forks and left a comment on mine.
      I look forward to seeing your forks. I did a few posts about Sheffield and its fame for metal working, silversmithing and the invention of stainless steel items especially cutlery.
      The Master Cutlers of Sheffield are based in a beautiful old building opposite the Sheffield Cathedral.

  9. Wow lovely ! I liked all the pictures

    1. So happy you visited. I have a new post each Sunday and try to show things which might interest fellow bloggers around the world. I love being connected and seeing how others spend their time.