Monday, December 7, 2015

Introduction and Explanation of the T's

Strawberry Tea

About Me and the T’s

I’m Patsy from Nixa, Missouri, and I just want to leave a trail.  I tried journaling, but I blab too much.  I tried doing a photo a day, but some days the photos were boring.  A blog is my newest attempt, and I’m hoping that having a “to do” list will get me off the couch.  Time is flying, and my T’s are many.  I’ll pick some goals to work on each week, and then I won’t be stressed because I’m thinking about the entire list (which seems insurmountable).

If you’d like to come along and try some of the T’s, by all means, join me. 

Tablescapes, Teas, and Theme Dining are books in progress.  This will be on my list every week.

Tasting could be a new recipe I want to try, or it might be a dining experience I wish to explore or record, or a VECC lunch.

Things that grow is all about plants, of course; in the house, in the yard, in the garden.

Thread refers to the projects I’ve started or wish to start; embroidery, crochet, sewing.

Thrifting will be a record of my bargain finds or money-saving tips I want to try.

Tickety-Boo in Canada means “going quickly”; these are things I can accomplish fast-fast-fast.

Tidying will be my cleaning goals, and they’re screaming for attention.

Togs are my many, many unused clothes, so building new outfits right from my closets.
Trimming and thinning will be about exercise and shedding pounds.  (Necessary for Togs).

Trips are little jaunts I can do in a day.

Trying new gadgets speaks for itself.  I love to buy them, but then I don’t use them.

Time for others – Phone calls, letters, cards, entertaining, helping, and volunteering.

Tunes – Converting my LP’s to digital music.

Television – Watching my collection of old VHS tapes so I can pass them on.

Tales are the books I read.  I track them in Excel, but there’s not enough room for little reviews.

Temptations are all around us.  Guess I need to confess when I succumb.

Thoughts and quotes are the things I come across which I feel are worth saving.

Tidbits are little snippets I can’t fit anywhere else.

Tips – of all kinds.

Time Savers I find and wish to remember.

Travel is really travel, not Trips from above.  Travel means I hit the road and sleep in hotels. (Temporarily on hold because of another T).  I won’t leave my eighteen-year-old kitty, Tiki, overnight.  

First post will be December 27, 2015


  1. Very cool idea! It looks like you are sticking to it as well. Congrats and good luck with all your future T's!

    1. Remember the expression, "His eyes were bigger than his tummy"? Well, I'm afraid my goals are bigger than my time. I'm working on it, however, and thanks for your comment which encourages me. I find there are so many wonderful things to do in this world, I just can't seem to do everything I love. I told my friend that I need a staff. If I win the lottery, maybe I'll hire one. Note to self: Buy a ticket.