Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week 60, 2-12-2017

Thoughts and Quotes: February 9 marked one year since my brother, Sonny, died from injuries sustained in an auto accident. I sent my nephews (his sons) an email saying that I was trying to stay busy and not think about it, but just wanted them to know my thoughts were with them. I've chosen nephew Ron's response as my quote this week.

"A year already (sigh). I miss him, but I don’t think about February 9th as the day dad died. I think about it as the day he started his new journey and I can only imagine what wonders he must be seeing J."

And that night I felt as if I'd received a message from Sonny that he's doing well - take a look at this sunset.

Time for Others: I spent the better part of this week making Valentines -

and Valentines

and Valentines

plus a few I didn't photograph.

Tablescapes: Martha has Bunco again this week. They only use dishes in December - the other months they use paper. But - take a look at the decorating she does for winter and Valentine's Day.

My photo doesn't do the tree justice - it's covered with cardinals.

And she made her front door wreath

Thank You: To my Lil' Bro' Jim and his wife, my Lil' Sis' Becky who bought me two packages of lobster tails (two in each). Why have a lobster tail for dinner if you can have two, right? And yes, I ate both of those potatoes, too.

The Pepper Report: He got a bath on Friday, but I still feel some scabbing on his back near where his tail starts. Seems it's something left over from when he was feral and had fleas and started some sort of sores. I'm treating him with emu oil now to see if I can soften them up.

Making a mess by knocking everything off the shelves just wears him out.

Muffin Tin Monday: I cut some circles from ready-made pie crusts and fitted them into my muffin tin. I baked them for 12 minutes at 375 degrees. When cool, I made vanilla pudding from instant pudding mix and added 1/2 tsp rum flavoring. I cut some banana slices and dipped them in lemon juice and blotted them for the top. I'd use banana pudding next time.

Tidy-Up Tuesday: Took a back seat once more.

Where To Wednesday: Salvatore's in Ozark.

Jim had a sausage and pepper sandwich and a Caesar salad

Bill had  penne with chicken and spicy rosy sauce and a Caesar salad.

I had chicken parmesan.

Joey had Chicken Florentine

The bread and pasta are made on the premises. Oh, yum!

Try It Thursday: I bought a personal drink mixer this week at Aldi for $15. I'm really trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, honest. 

I made a smoothie with a small banana, six strawberries, a 6 oz can of pineapple juice, a little Splenda, and a 1/3 cup low-fat milk. It was pretty good and I whipped it up in minutes.

Friends Over Friday: On hold again. I took Pepper in at 8:00 a.m. for his bath and didn't get the call to pick him up until 12:30.

Theme Dining: Remember the Winter Wonderland table?

I decided to change it slightly. Just finished today.

After I do the food and photograph it, January will be finished. I decided to use the table and food on Tuesday. I can do a traditional Valentine's Day table next year. No sense wasting this when it's all finished, and I have to cook anyway. Then on to February and it needs lots of work.







  1. I so loved the message from your nephew about his Dads journey, what a joy. Love the front door wreath, stunning creation.

    1. I'll pass the compliment along to Martha. She made that herself. I was impressed as well.

  2. Oh Dearest!

    So sorry about your Brother - but you are so right. I think you did get a message from him and that's the exact way to look at it. I'm a very spiritual person and I believe in my whole heart that he is on amazing new adventures and just waiting until he can share with you again. Prayers and best thought winging to you all for strength and living in the memories and celebration of the life he lived here.

    Now on to more gorgeous tablescapes - wow Martha does do it up fancy! And I love your new winterscape table and think it will still be stunning for your Valentine's table this year! And your beautiful Valentine's cards!! Where do you find the time? So many! And Annie and I completely admire ours and up on the mantel it went to display. ;) Your treat should come today!!

    And then I whiz to photos of amazing looking Italian food and literally salivate and think I must not dream on pasta right now....but just in time you reign me in with talk of smoothies and I'm back on track. Lol! We must remain good girls and keep lobster tails and pasta as our special treats...not a daily occurrence (unfortunately Lol!).

    You are such a good Mommy to Pepper. Give him love pats from us northwoods folks. I've been sharing more of you and Pepper with Annie and she's loving it! She sends big hugs to you both - as do I.

    Happy Valentine's and blessings to you!! xoxo

    1. Pepper wanted me to especially tell Annie Happy Valentine's Day and tell her he loves attention and thanks for the hug.

  3. You have made such pretty cards. Your friends must be so happy receiving them. Wishing you Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. I think people do like getting a card in the mail once in awhile. I know of several people who have saved every card I've sent over the years.

      When I send cards to some of the other ladies who make cards, I don't sign them, and they usually don't sign theirs to me. We give them all to Katie, who makes new envelopes and gives them to nursing homes for the following year. Double-duty cards.

      And Happy Valentine's Day to you as well.

  4. You are so sweet to remember so many on Valentine's Day! You have a great idea putting your goals in a blog, when I hit the publish button I feel the same way. Salvatores dishes looked so tasty! We have been down with the flu so we haven't had many trips out of the house lately. We will miss the Heritage Cafeteria on Battlefield, hard to believe they closed, so many years there. Have a happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Losing a restaurant or business you frequented for many years is almost like losing a friend or family member. It's part of your heritage (no pun intended).

      I find new-old restaurants sometimes. We've discovered that Beth's Bake Shoppe in front of Remingtons has wonderful food. Look at all the good lunches I've missed the past few years by not exploring. We'll be there tomorrow (Wednesday the 15th) for lunch at noon - join us.

  5. What a wonderful message to receive from your nephew. Love all your pretty Valantines cards and tablescapes. Hae a great weekend:)

    1. Back to more tablescapes today. Will post tomorrow. I'm determined to finish all the photos for my books in 2017.

  6. This is a great way to use your blog as a diary/journal recording highlights from every day of the week. The message that you received from your nephew was so uplifting.
    Hope your weekend has lots of good things in store for you.

    1. Though I miss my brother, Ron's message definitely helped me to think of him with joy instead of sorrow.

      The weekend will be more tablescapes. I'm on a roll.

  7. Beautiful sunset and wonderful message from your nephew, what a great way to look at things. Enjoyed seeing all your Valentines and table settings (plus the reminder that I need to RSVP to my own Bunco group this week!). The food from Salvatores looks delicious.

    1. If you're ever near Ozark, Missouri, Salvatore's is worthy of a visit. You won't be disappointed.

      Hope you win at Bunco.