Sunday, January 8, 2017

Week 55,1-8-2017

Thoughts and QuotesWhen defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.
                                                                                  Napoleon Hill

Well, Mr. Hill, my plans were sound, but the weather refused to cooperate. I shall hoist the mainsail (or whatever you need to get underway) and sail once more toward my coveted goals.

My plan: Monday - take down all the Christmas lights in the front yard.

Not my plan: Rain

I did, however, honor Muffin Tin Monday by making Corn and Corn Muffins:

BHG Jiffy Cooking

1 14 oz pkg corn muffin mix (I use Jiffy)
1 scant cup cream-style corn
1 egg, beaten
1/2 cup shredded cheese (your choice)

Heat oven to 425°.

Combine all ingredients in large mixing bowl and stir to blend.

Pour into a greased 12-muffin cup tin.  They’ll be about 2/3 full.

Bake 12-15 minutes.

This makes a really dense, small muffin.

My plan: Tuesday - Tidy Up Tuesday; Go to lunch at Cafe 21 with my Cooking Club friends and then work on organizing the garage.

Not my plan: The restaurant was closed for an extended holiday weekend. We went to China King instead. My brother Bill and I have appointed ourselves the unofficial food critics of Springfield, MO area restaurants, so here goes.

A nice little Chinese restraurant in the little strip mall behind Hinode on South National. Nice photos of the food. Clean. Friendly. Extensive menu. You order at the counter and they serve you at your table. Real dishes and flatware, not plastic. Paper napkins. Plastic cups.

I ordered Almond Chicken, Mim ordered Bourbon Chicken, and Bev order Sweet and Sour Chicken.  All used breaded chicken chunks. Mim and I were both surprised and disappointed. 

Free fortune cookies. Mine is in the middle.

I was pretty excited until I realized that the fortune was in my hand and came from a cookie. The next full moon is on Thursday, the 12th and it's my day to do the Cooking Club lunch. Mim might be expecting an enchanting meal. Sorry, lunch is not in the evening, and you already told me that you want stew.

Not my plan: Foggy all day, so everything became wet. I brought in all the dripping outside lights, and spread them in the garage to dry. My Tidying became ironing all the accummulated placemats and napkins which were stacking up in the laundry.

My plan: Wednesday - Where Shall We Go Wednesdy. Lunch at The Grotto.

Finally, something worked. It's a great place for food which is just a little different and made from fresh ingredients. Bill and I both gave it high marks.

Again, you order at the counter and your food is served at your table. Real dishes and flatware, plastic cups, paper napkins.

The restaurant is a lot bigger than it looks from the parking lot.

I had a Chicken-Caesar Salad and a Barbecued Chicken Pizza Combo. The barbecue sauce was a little sweet for my taste, but otherwise, great selection.

Bill had a Cantina Salad with Anaheim Pizza Combo.  I would have liked his salad (that's chicken you see), but it comes with a spicy jalapeno dressing, and I'm wimpy about spicy. We traded pieces of pizza, and I loved his. Tomato slices and artichoke hearts on top.

My plan: Thursday - Try Something Thursday. I made French fries in my new air fryer. I watched a video on Pinterest and expected golden-brown cripsy fries.

Not my plan: I got this:

I believe I made serveral errors - Too many fries, blanched too long, didn't shake the basket enough times, used cooking spray instead of a bit of oil. I haven't given up. Will try these again.

My plan: Friday - Friends Over Friday. The Blue Belles for Reuben Sandwiches

Not my plan: We had our second snowfall Wednesday night, it started melting on the warm streets Thursday, the temperatures dropped dramatically during the night, and the ice formed on the streets by Friday. Lunch cancelled.

My plan: Saturday - Sayonara Saturday. Organize my files. 

Not my plan: Started recapping last year's expenses and making up my budget for 2017. Ran out of time.

For some reason, I can never get off the ground the first week of the new year. Maybe because I'm still clearing up from the holidays.

The Pepper Report: His new favorite place. The bed in the guestroom is taller than mine, so I expect to feel a bounce on my bed some night soon.

He continues to supervise my activites. Don't know how I could have done all the ironing without his help, and I also don't know how I avoided stepping on him.

The Feral Kitty Report: Mysty with babies Stormy and Sunny. Pepper's sister, Midnight, and her baby, BJ, continue to visit daily, and Bomber comes occasionally. They come - they eat - they go.

Nothing else to report his week. And I still haven't finished watching The Rose Parade. I'll try to make this week a little more exciting.

Muffin Tin Monday: Take along breakfast.

Tidy Up Tuesday: Should be warm enough to work in the garage.

Where To Wednesday: The Chicago Cheesesteak Company (almost next door to The Grotto).

Try It Thursday: A new tablescape for the VECC lunch. 

Friends Over Friday: Haven't decided yet.

Sayonara Saturday: Those same files are waiting. They're so ugly. I can find things, but could my kids?

Tip: Make a copy of all your credit cards (front and back) and keep it in a safe place. If you lose your wallet/purse, you'll be able to call and cancel your cards without searching through your bills for account numbers, etc.   If you can't read the backsides from the copy, jot down the phone numbers beside the front of the card. The phone numbers are really small and might not be legible on the copy.

If you don't have a printer which will accomodate credit cards, your library probably does.







  1. Oh dear, Patsy, sounds like a frustrating week of cancelled plans! I guess there is no planning for the weather.....Looks like you made the best of it all, though. I wrote down the muffin recipe - my hubs loves corn muffins. Your meals out look tasty, too! Hope that bad weather clears up soon - we are used to it here in the north. My birthday got cancelled this year :( but my daughters made it up for me by taking me out to dinner. Stay off those icy roads! Hugs xo Karen

    1. Ice has melted. Snow is almost gone. Temps in the 40's Monday, 50's Tuesday and 60 by Wednesday. Feeling very blessed, because this will be a busy, busy week.

      Hope you like the muffins. They're rather sweet, but you can make them in the blink of an eye.

    2. Forgot. You can "copy" the recipes from my posts and paste them to WORD and then print.

  2. You have certainly had a week of it, such a shame. Great tip about the credit cards. I am going to copy them now and sort out some paperwork.

    1. Doesn't the new year just make you want to clear up, sort out, organize, and be totally efficient? My favorite time of the year.

  3. Hello Dearest!
    Oh my - you were thwarted at almost every turn last week! It's a good thing you're such a trooper and it didn't really hold you back one bit. ;)

    I'm always so hungry when I read your posts. Lol But I've truly been being a good Girl overall and I've been much better with my eating habits and diet. As well as stepping back up in the exercise dept. We'll see how long it lasts ::sigh::

    I think I made a similar cornbread to those muffins once but I can't remember if it had a few other ingredients too? And I remember that I made it in an 8x8 and cut it into squares I think? Your fortune cookie comment made me giggle. ;)

    Sweet Pepper- I don't blame him liking a nice cushy bed. I have a feeling you may have a sleeping buddy soon! You are so good to all the kitties. God bless ya Doll.

    I don't envy you dealing with papers and files! I have an office I'm trying to go through as well. Oy vay - what a headache. But I'm determined to get organized and simplify many things in there too. Cheers to us and our work ahead!

    Blessings on your week Sweetie! xoxo

    1. We shall prevail! Those files can't whip us.

      Tonight was date night with Sally's husband while she plays bunco. He's five years younger than my son, and my son is in CA, so spending time with Steg is always fun. We went to Red Lobster and drove the waiter crazy. They have a four course meal which is soup, salad, entree (1/2 portion), and dessert (a small brownie with vanilla ice cream and caramel and chocolate drizzle.

      Steg ordered lobster bisque, garden salad-no onion, shrimp linguine, and just the brownie to go, no ice cream.

      I ordered Caesar salad, no - make that garden salad but only Romaine lettuce, shrimp linguine, put my brownie in the to go box, but I want to eat my ice cream.

      Then Steg changed his mind and said that he'd eat his dessert.

      He had a gift card, I had a coupon, and then I paid the balance with my credit card.

      Then we asked for a go box for most of my linguine. Poor guy. He probably went home and said, "You wouldn't believe the two screwballs I waited on tonight".

      We're expecting 50's tomorrow, so maybe my Tidy Up Tuesday can resume in the garage.

      I have some cards started I need to finish also. Can you believe I'm working on Christmas cards already? I don't want that last minute crush I had this year.

      Here's to us my goal-setting blog buddy - Onward and Upward. As they say at 24-hour Fitness - Do more with your 24. Sometimes I wish my 24 was reversed. If I had 42, I might get caught up.

      Big new year's hug

    2. This all just made me smile! Love it!! Big new year's hug right back at ya Doll. xoxo

  4. Your comment on the fortune made me laugh! It is that time of year when the weather intervenes and we have to change our plans. Good idea about making a copy of credit and bank cards. Pepper looks cosy on the bed:)