Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 14, 3-27-2016

Where has the week gone?  Most of my week was spent on Things That Grow, and in my yard, the things that grow are weeds, weeds, and more weeds. And Tales.  I finished another Covington book.  Five down and two to go, but I have to wait until April 12 for number 6 to be returned to the library.

But most of my time spent on Tales was reorganizing my many, many books.  When I changed computers, I couldn't get my book files to transfer.  Recently, I had my computer worked on and the guru figured a way to transfer my Access file.  In the meantime, I've bought books, disposed of books, read books, moved books around in the house and in the garage, so my files are severely out of date.  This is going to take many more hours to get it straight.  I'll give you the sad news of the total count then, but I'm sure I have well over 3,000 books, plus the 900+ on my Kindle and my 500+ cookbooks.  Reality has finally set in, and I've reconciled myself to the fact that I can't live long enough to read all the books and cook all the recipes.  A rude awakening.

Time For Others:  On Monday and Tuesday I made and mailed nineteen Easter cards.

I ran out of bunnies and switched to chicks on Tuesday.  Here's a sample.

Tidbits:  Our weather turned cold enough that I used the fireplace one day.  I was so shocked, I made a note of it and took a photo for future reference.

Saturday was warm enough to get back to the yard.  And then rain, clouds and cold for Easter.  We went to Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks.  The students work their way through and leave with no student debt.  They raise the food, animal and vegetable, they have a dairy (even make ice cream), run the hotel and restaurant, cook the food, serve the food, and do the dishes.  They also have a mill, green houses, and museums.  They even have a child care center and have recently started a high school on campus.  The grounds are beautifully kept.

The court house at Forsyth, Missouri, was blown up by the Union during the Civil War, so the stones were carted over to Hollister to build the chapel.

Stained glass windows surround the main area, ten in all.

Faith, Patriotism, and Hard Work seem to be the foundation of the college.  They even call it Hard Work U.

The memorial is for all the Missouri servicemen and women who died in the Viet Nam war.  

There are always flowers, and swans are nesting in the little house in the lake.

The campus borders the lake.

And then it was Tasting.  The buffet tables were beautiful.  

There was a breakfast buffet table plus an omelet bar.  A pasta station.  A chef's station with salmon, chicken, veggies and sides, plus carving stations for ham and prime rib.  I especially liked the look of the peeled shrimp and oysters on the half shell table.

I loved the cheese and salad tables with carved watermelons and flowers made from thinly sliced turnips dyed with food coloring.

They saved the best for last.  Oh, the desserts!

The last time we were here for Easter, we sat outside with this wonderful view, but today was too cold and dreary.  

Next week is supposed to be spring-like, so it will be back to Things That Grow - weeds.

Tidbit:  Friend Joey and her sister, my Friend Kathy, and their two cousins Billie (girl) and Larry and their spouses celebrate their birthdays together.  So all eight go out to dinner and then to one of their homes for cake and coffee.  Joey made this beautiful cake and table for Billie and I just had to show you because they're so beautiful.

One last Tidbit:  Next Friday is April Fool's Day, so we should make a fool.  I'll probably make cherry or blueberry.  Just Google "blueberry fool" and you'll get plenty of links.  It's really just a fruit puree and whipped cream swirled together, but I've never made one, so now's the time.

In the meantime, let's collectively think SPRING!!! We've had enough dreariness.



  1. Thank you for your visit. The ethos behind the college is amazing, the stained glass beautiful and the buffet food so tempting. Particularly loved the melon with the carved crosses, inspirational.

    1. If you ever visit Branson, MO, the College of the Ozarks is right next door in Hollister. Try the lunch. Always something different from the usual restaurant fare.

  2. I love that the students do so much for themselves and learning in the process. The windows are just awesome as are your other shots.

    1. The students leave with no student loans. The campus is drug-smoking-alcohol free and the students must attend chapel. They leave grounded in conservative and patriotic values. And the campus is spotless, not a piece of litter anywhere.

  3. What a fabulous post! The college you visited sounds like a really inspiring place and the students will certainly become rounded human beings.
    I too love seeing stained glass windows and gorgeous buffet tables.
    Thank you for sharing!
    PS The tulips in my post were supposed to be the variety 'Sweet Desire', but they looked completely different. Pretty though.

    1. I'm doing my research on the tulips and also the Easter cactus from another Five on Friday. I'll be relentless in my pursuit until they're mine. I'll throw in a new Christmas cactus while I'm at it, as mine expired from too much TLC and overwatering.