Sunday, February 21, 2016

Week 9, 2-21-16

I'm so happy to be back.  Now where were we?  Oh, yes.

Thread:  I finished the black "doily".  I was right.  It became a table topper - diameter 22" before blocking.  When it's blocked, the edge will be little points and it will be bigger.  The black thread is finally almost gone.

Tales:  I returned my library books unread, but finished one of my books which I felt worth a mention.  It's Book 1 of a series of 7.  If you liked the Mitford books by Jan Karon, you'll like this series as well.  Mitford meets the Golden Girls.

Things That Grow:  Starting seeds indoors didn't happen, but I picked up all the ingredients for my raised bed mix.  It takes five different things. I can get all five bags in my trunk at one time, but it takes three trips for three beds.  This is for one bed.

And here they are, ready to go.  I can go to the store, pickup, unload, and  move everything to the backyard in 45 minutes if I hurry.  That's for each bed.

I finished one bed. I read that you could plant snapdragons and Canterbury bells in February if it was mild.  I was working in a short-sleeve tee, so I thought that qualified as a mild day, so they're planted and now we'll find out.

Two to go

Trying New Gadgets:  My Nu Wave oven is so old, it has dials instead of buttons, but at long last it had its maiden voyage.  I cooked a 5-1/2 pound chicken in 80 minutes, and I was so pleased that the thighs cooked thoroughly, but the breast was not dry.

When I mentioned it to Friend Joey, she said that she'd never used hers either.  She had invited me to lunch, so I picked up a tri-tip on my way over.

After we enjoyed her 5-star barbecued pork sandwiches with chips and Cole slaw, we cooked the 2-1/4 pound tri-tip in 40 minutes.  I found it wasn't as tender as oven roasted, but that might be because I cut it too soon and let the juices run out.  We agreed that with a little practice, we could learn to love our Nu Waves.

Time for Others;  Sadly, I did not make even one Valentine this year, but last week I took Brother Sonny's friend to my attorney, and he started his estate planning.  If you haven't done this yet, I urge you to find time.  My nephews were so blessed that their father's wishes regarding life support were right there in black and white, because ultimately, they had to make the final decision.  If you only do a medical directive and a power of attorney, do it now.  As our family discovered, things can change in an instant.

And Time for Others can be rewarded.  When leaving the hospital one night, Brother Bill walked me to the south entrance, though he was parked at the north entrance.  A raffle fund raiser was being held and $5 tickets sold at the gift shop.  As we walked by, I told him that he should buy one because he's so lucky.  It was the last day to buy.  As he walked back toward the north entrance, he passed the gift shop and then decided to go back and buy a ticket.  He won the 55" TV.

Tasting:  The Cooking Club went to F-D Grill to celebrate Bev's birthday.  She had catfish.

Carol had a lunch portion

Mim had Hawaiian Chicken

And I had tilapia and shrimp

I'm embarrassed to tell you that I picked up her cake at Wal-mart, but she said that it was very good - lemon/raspberry.

More Tasting:  Friend Joey let me borrow her Food Network Magazines.  One had an enclosed booklet of fifty things to make in your muffin tins.  Wow!  An entire year - one a week, with two weeks off for vacation.  I decided to try one.  As you'll see, I need to get bigger muffin tins before I make the next one.

You layer silver-dollar pancakes with blueberries and 3/4 cup maple syrup and 3 tablespoons butter melted together.  You also drizzle the top pancake with the syrup mixture, then bake for 15 minutes at 400 degrees.  I was supposed to put three pancakes in each cup, using nonstick foil liners.  Well, I had to cut the bottom pancake because it was too big, and I could only fit two pancakes per cup, and my foil liners had paper inside.  They ended up like blueberry summer pudding on the bottom and a rather crispy pancake on top. I'm not sure when I'm supposed to eat them - breakfast, dessert, snack? Anyway, they're good, so I just eat them when I feel like it.

Thrifting:  I found this blouse, a Biaggini, never worn, with the tag (but no price) and a bag of replacement sequins. As I am not a fashionista, and do not know brand names, I looked it up on the internet and found his/her(?) clothes in a runway show, so I think it must be designer. I checked it because it had a European size (which shall remain a secret). It was Senior Day, so I paid $2.40.

I love the cute parrot

and decided it was time for

Togs:  I dug in my closet and came up with this.  The shell necklace came from the luau in Hawaii or the Polynesian restaurant at Disneyland years ago.  They gave you a necklace while waiting in line to show you had paid.  Either way, a Freebie, so I considered it more thrifting.

More Togs:  While searching through orange things, I found this "purse" but it's white and didn't go with the ivory pants in the outfit above.  So I put together an outfit with white pants using the "purse".  Actually, it's for your lunch.  I got it by eating a gazillion Lean Cuisine entrees with a special code inside the box, which I entered on a website and finally received this little gem. It has a zipper and everything.  Hey, the blouse is silk, so I can get away with carrying a lunch bag for a purse.  Everyone will think I got it at some exclusive little boutique unless they eat lots of Lean Cuisine or unless you rat on me.

Tidbit 1:  Friend Joey found this lovely hand-crocheted counterpane (much too elegant to be called a coverlet) at a local upscale flea market.  Husband Robert was outside when she brought it in and put it on the bed.  When he went into the bedroom, she called, "Do you see anything new?"  and he called back, "Do you mean this doily on the bed?"  Don't you just love the way men think?!  And doesn't she have a beautiful bedroom? 

Tidbit 2:  I stopped in the library to pick up the second Covington book, and the high school is displaying some of their art this month.  I loved this little key guitar and just had to share it.

Another way to eat apples - fried in butter, with brown sugar and cinnamon.  Not exactly diet food, but Yum!  I had some apples which were starting to shrivel, and this saved them.

My health goals rate only a C+ this week, but I've forgiven myself and ready to pick up and go forward.  So our goals this week:

Some form of exercise five times a week.  Every day:  Drink tea, eat apples, eat a leafy green vegetable, eat a yellow or orange fruit or vegetable.  And now add: a white fruit or vegetable each day.  I can't think of a white fruit except lychees and to me they taste a little like perfume.  However, lots of white vegetables: Potatoes, onions, turnips, parsnips, mushrooms, leeks, shallots, water chestnuts, jicama, cauliflower, icicle radishes, white asparagus.

No specific goals for me this week - in addition to the above, I need to concentrate on Thinning, Trimming, and Tidying.  And there's another birthday this week, so there will be Tasting.




  1. Dear Patsy. I was pleased to see your post come up on my Reader this morning. It looks as if you're having good weather and you've made a start with gardening. We like gardening in raised beds too. It's interesting that because of your climate you can plant out in February although some plants are hardy. Here we have frosty nights and tender plants are safely in the conservatory/covered yard. Your doily is delicate and pretty. I have been crocheting, but not such fine work. Your friends' handmade counterpane is lovely and I have a similar one which was a gift from an Italian relative. It must take a long time to make a large piece and, therefore, something to treasure. You found a lovely blouse and you have a good eye for matching up your outfits. All your meals look tasty. I had to look up tilapia and jicama. You've reminded me to think about our evening meal which will be roast chicken as we have our grandson here later today. Other activities today are the usual household chores, picking up a book from the lending library and taking a walk in the park - I do know Jan Karon's books, but haven't read one for a long time - and crocheting my squares to make a blanket. Every blessing for the week ahead and looking forward to hearing your news when you write and post.

    1. I'm an amateur gardener, as evidenced by the daffodils in my raised beds. They do fine in flower beds, but the moles eat my tulips, so I always have in a few in my raised beds which have sheeting underneath. I try to get to the daffodils to move them, but always run out of time or I miss some. I'm right on the line between USA zones 6 and 7. We can still have a hard freeze, but I'm going by what I read. If it's in black and white, it has to be truth, right? Having a conservatory must be wonderful. I have a screened in patio, and if I'd been smart, I'd have asked for windows instead and then maybe I could save some of my plants which need replacing year after year. I'm off to buy more seeds. This is the year of experiments. I heard that I can plant lettuce as early as Valentine's Day, so that will be first on my list.

      Thank you for your visit. If I'd known how much fun this could be, I'd have started a blog sooner.

  2. I hope you got your seeds. Gardening can be experimental but satisfying when you get good results. By the way I'm a blogger who likes to reply when I get a comment on my blog and I do go back and see if a blogger has replied to my comment. Not everyone blogs like that, but I like the flow of interaction. I hope you enjoy blogging with many visitors reading and commenting.

    1. Boy, did I get my seeds! I always get excited and go overboard. I can't plant most of them yet - too early, but I'll keep you informed on my blog. If I know people are looking over my shoulder, it gets me motivated. I don't like to confess my failures. So weird - no kale seeds. I'll keep looking.

  3. We are a little late starting with our seeds we usually start them off indoors, hopefully this week. Loved the beautiful crochet bed throw what a delight. The apples looked delicious.

  4. The apples were delicious, but I fear they aided in the pound I gained in spite of my resolve to lose weight instead of gaining. Always a battle.